Favourite Lamborghini ever

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by TNThunder, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Here are the Reventon,Miura,400GT and 350GT!
  2. The Gallardo,Jarama,Urraco and Countach!
  3. And finally the Murcielago and Diablo!
  4. option number 9 is broken damnit. Of course the diablo is my favorite
  5. It was the diablo that captured me as a kid. it was after that that I researched the countach and miura, but it was the diablo's form that blew me away.

    so diablo it is. Diablo SV FTMFW!
  6. Reventon cuz it ROKKS
  7. bbpower,what`s that car in your avatar?
  8. Islero GT

    I'm not saying this to be different; it really is my fav Lambo.

    edit: I'll just vote 400GT as that's what closest to it then.
  9. countach
  10. I have absolutely no love for any Lambo outside of the Gallardo. The old ones don't appeal to me design wise (Miura, Diablo, Countach) and the Murci is just too big IMO.
  11. you're gothic
  12. WAT DE FOK
  13. this site is full of noobs. Gallardo ? Wtf..

  14. Gallardo even though its just a baby. Also like Murci, Countace, Diablo, Miura, Reventon, they all ROKKS
  15. Its the best selling Lambo ever
  16. There is no Espada on this list. >|
  17. diablo closely followed by the miura jota
  18. Gallardo

    i've never been a fan of older lambo's really...
  19. Miura and 400GT
  21. Holy JEEBUS you are one big loose VAG lover.
  22. Where's the Bluetooth earpiece option? Way to fail at thread making, TNTchunder.
  23. Agree with you, but...

  24. The Miura is clearly one of the most beautiful cars of all time.

    But my favorite Lamborghini is the Diablo SV.

    This exact one:

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