Favourite Lamborghini ever

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by TNThunder, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. But still, saying it's an Audi is like saying the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a BMW. They share a parts bin, the same people call the shots about the overall direction of the company, and are funded by/kick profits up to the overall group, but they're designed and built by a (mostly) seperate core of people out of a seperate HQ.
    Not to mention that the company ethos' are completely different - no BMW has ever had the emphasis on refinement that the Phantom has, and no Audi looks or drives like a Lambo; especially not before the R8 (which was based on the Gallardo, rather than the other way round).
  2. who the #$%# is voting gallardo? wtf
  3. LM 002 ?!?!?!
  4. The Gallardo is like my second favorite Lambo. I understand why people vote Gallardo.
  5. It may be up in the polls, but it isn't on the track with an F430 and a GT3.
  6. Who cares.
  7. well 70% of a LP560 for instance is made by VW/Audi
  8. I dont know about the GT3, but its definatly on par with the F430
  9. LP640 pleaseeeeeee
  10. Actually I change my vote

    I've never really been a big fan of the Diablo, but I used to love the GT

    Edit: i like orange
  11. Murcielago R-GT
  12. again
    LM 002 ?!?!?!
  13. 32% for the Diablo!WOW!!!
  14. As beautiful as the Miura is, the Countach holds a special place in my heart. I love that car. It's classic.
  15. Mmmm.
  16. Miura>Espada>LM002>Jarama>350/400GT>Urraco>Murcielago
  17. 350GTV is so clean and timeless.
  18. It's a toss up between the miura and the reventon.

    The miura appeals to the adult in me. it's a timeless beauty that started a tradition at Lambo.

    But the Reventon appeals to the kid in me, and ultimately that IS the tradition of Lambo that the Miura started. It's what a Lamborghini is supposed to do.

  19. Is your username about the BMW CSL?

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