Feedback and Suggestions Please! In need of some advice!

Discussion in '2001 Mazda MX-5 MPS Concept' started by alexchu, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. hi everyone

    i'm going to get my first car in about a years time and i would like to get a 2nd-hand MX-5.

    The magazines say this car is absolutely brilliant, but u know, different magazines have different comments.

    Can people out there who own a stand Mx-5 please post their comments and experiences of this car here?! i would help me greatly.

    I'm also thinking of getting a Lexus IS200, so if anyone has anything to say about the car, please tell me!

    thanks alot
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    Two completely different cars. You will first have to decide what you want out of a the car.

    Miata - Great handling, fun car. Totally impractical though. Can only carry one other person.

    IS200 - (you must live in Europe or Asia) Here in the U.S. we only get the six cylinder (IS300). Anyway... a classy looking, very well built car. And practical.

    Neither will win a lot of drag races, but two fun cars.
    As its your first car, I would definitely get the Lexus.<!-- Signature -->
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    thanks for your advice! i would also think that the Lexus would also be safer
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    hi alexchu,

    i own a mazda mx-5:

    i've been driving some cars before this (also a porsche 944) and i never even dreamed of having that much fun by just cruising around, here's why:

    - i just love it's styling, inside and outside
    - it's a small, light and nimble car with wonderfull handling
    - cruising around with opened roof is just a marvellous feeling

    here are the bad points:

    - you can't carry much luggage, but i wouldn't call it "totally impractical" as May Spin did; i use it every day and for most situations it's more than enough, but if you have to shop a lot you can get into trouble

    - you can only carry one additional person - although i never took this for a disadvantage; ok i'm single and two seats are enough for a nice lady and me, but if you regularly have more than one person to drive around with you, this sure is a disadvantage

    if the mx-5 is your first car (especially if it's your first rear wheel drive car) you should definitively drive more carefully in curves when on slippery surfaces or in the rain as you could spin out if you accelerate too much

    can't comment on the lexus, sorry

    if you have any further questions don't be afraid to ask

    P.S.: before some hardcore porsche-fans start screaming around why the mx-5 is better than a porsche: i never said it's better than a porsche concerning performance - a porsche is great for highways, but i prefer the feeling of driving a light and nimble fun car like the mx-5 so, calm down again...

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    I'm not sure if you're still looking for advice, but if you are, here's my two cents on the IS. If you really like to drive, get the Miata. If you want the luxury, the IS might be better. If you want to mix driving with luxury, get the IS stickshift.

    The automatic transmission in the IS300 is terrible. It shifts early, neglects to downshift, and actually misses gears from time to time. The revs will hover around the target range before the transmission can actually get the planetary gearset in the right alignment. What that means is that for a few seconds, your engine isn't connected to the wheels and you aren't in control of the throttle. That can be dangerous if you're driving near the limit. That's why racers like manuals or sequential transmissions. Only you know what you want the car to do, so you have to tell it what to do. A computer can't figure that out.

    That said, the IS300 is fairly sporty, with supportive bucket seats and a tight - but not harsh - suspension setup. The steering is responsive, especially for a Toyota, and the engine provides engough pickup for it to still be fun. I'm not sure if that last comment still holds for the 2.0L I4 model you mentioned, but I'd expect you'd get tired of 9 second 0-60mph accelerations.<!-- Signature -->
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    well, i don't know if this is gonna be useful for you, but here goes, for a first car i'de have to recomend the MX-5, why?, well, although i haven't owned neither an MX-5 nor an IS200, my first car was a small rear wheel drive two seater, 1.8 dual webers, and it was a hoot, really fun to drive, and really easy to park almost anywhere "small", as for practicality, you'll be wanting practicality later, much later, but you're only young once, besides you only have three chances to own cars like these, when you're young and you don't care about practicality, and when you're old and can own two cars, and the third??? when you're rich.

    P.S. now i drive a skoda station wagon :-(

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