Feminists make terrible mothers!

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  1. diabetes.
  2. Changed man, a brand new person
  3. Who is that directed at? I'm 27 and only have one kid. ;_;
  4. I'd say most people in the developed world are feminists. At least in the first-wave, 1970's sense. And 70's feminism has some decent things to say; women should be able to have a job, and if they can do it they should be paid fairly for it. I don't think that's very disagreeable.

    The issue is when you have subsequent generations of women who look up to these 'revolutionaries', and so want to be revolutionary as well. Except that they know as little as the rest of society about what a healthy balance of the sexes actually is; second- and third-wave feminism saw increasingly fragmented ideologies. You have women who believe all pornography is rape, and you have some women who are pornographers, and they both consider themselves modern feminists. And so the term has become increasingly meaningless on its own. For example, there are self-described feminists who see the hapless-but-well-intentioned-boyfriend romantic comedy archetype, and its spread into popular culture, as sexist and a serious issue impeding their goals of healthy gender relations, as they define them.

    I don't think its so simple, or even fair, to say that they're all feminists and that's what feminism is. They are, like every other living thing, just a product of genetics and their environment. Long before they're women, girls see the the scenario as desirable, media sees a marketing opportunity, the girls appropriate part of that identity, and the same media becomes even easier to market; its an entirely coupled system. The question is why it started and why there isn't opposing force in that equilibrium. And I think it has a lot to do with guys thinking far too much with their dicks.
  5. me neither, im only 24 and 3 kids.
  6. People in general are stupid
  8. The woman that got divorced four years ago and has kids but still acts like she's 19 and goes out five times a week and sleeps with different dudes every night while grandma is taking care of the babies, so not you
  9. erica ferrari?
  10. Well, men haven't done their part to quell the situation. Far too many of us are happy being beer-swilling sports fans who work a menial physical-labour or mental-labour job, and don't give a shit about their health or appearance. Guys like that make it easy for pseudo-empowered women to take their 'feminism' even further. If more men were able to be excellent men and treat women well and with the simple respect and love that all girls seek to get out of a relationship, without sacrificing their balls, the drive towards misguided feminism would wane and eventually rest itself on just career-driven ambitious girls and dikes, neither of whom would make good mothers anyway, just as career-driven and ambitious men, and homos for the most part don't make good fathers.

    And the part about sacrificing balls is important too. Too many guys get trapped in a relationship with one of these modern entitled feminist girls, and because they don't want to fight every day, just end up yielding to everything their stupid wife says. He feels less of a man, she feels less respect for him, the sex life suffers, and the relationship turns to merd. But is that her fault? Not really. By their nature, girls tend to push boundaries to find out where they sit with a man. If he never pushes back, she just ends up wearing the pants. Why don't the guys push back? Because they're not excellent. They can't draw a line between being a man, and abusing a woman. They don't know how to act, so they just roll over.
  11. You guys remember that chick who posted here a few years ago and got a Lotus Elise tattooed on her lower back? Dumb!
  12. Exact.
  13. yeah

    wasnt that carznclubz or something like that?
  14. yeah, the 'do no want' list. I was insinuating STDs though, because that's funnier to joke about than diabetes.
  15. Ew.
  16. i know a girl who had an std. she had to go to the bathroom all the #$%#ing time, because she was dripping all over the place. #$%#ing disgusting.
  17. I don't know diabetus is rather amusing to make fun of.
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  19. if you make a book, put this in it.
  20. All of this, as well as the fact that many men now aren't even willing to discuss issues related to gender differences or inequalities because as you say, they are too preoccupied thinking with their dicks. So it seems as if the issue persists as an elephant in the living room.
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  22. Oh for real the profanity filter is still that aggressive? #$%#in' hell.
  23. ugh benfenner. go away.
  25. kindly shut the #$%# up.

    Chapter 33.

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