Fenyr SuperSport Arrives with 900 HP

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    If Fast and Furious 8 didn’t have its star car picked, it does now.

    Move over Lykan HyperSport because W Motors has debuted something even hotter at the 2015 Dubai Motor Show. Limited to just 25 units per year, the Fenyr SuperSport blends a carbon fiber body with advanced aerodynamics and aggressive styling that the automaker has become famous for with the Lykan HyperSport, which had a starring role in an over-the-top Furious 7 chase scene.

    Powering the Fenyr is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six mid-rear engine produced by RUF Automobile in Germany, paired to a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox. In total, the powerplant delivers 900 horsepower and 885 pound-feet of torque.

    According to W Motors, the Fenyr SuperSport goes zero to 62 mph in less than 2.7 seconds and has a top speed more than 248 mph. The carbon fiber body is complemented by a lightweight tubular aluminum chassis.

    Production of the hypercar will be handled by partner Magna Steyr Italy, but now that W Motors has established its headquarters in Dubai, it hopes to shift production to the United Arab Emirates. The company didn’t release pricing on the Fenyr SuperSport, but considering the Lykan HyperSport runs $3.4 million, don’t expect the Fenyr to be any less.


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  2. More pics

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  3. Looks dumb.
  4. Overstyled
  5. I hate all of these bullshit companies who come out of nowhere with a 1000hp cars and no pedigree.

    Why would anyone spend 3.4 million on this? You could get a LaFerrari for less than half that amount, and it's pretty much guaranteed to be better than this piece of shit in every single way.
  6. there's a Fast and Furious 8 now?
  7. Agreed, but someone's got to start from somewhere.

    Don't like at all this silly rare batman style supercars fad. Gives me a bad taste of "new money". But if I was in this market, I'd probably buy this over some limited prod Lameorghini.
  8. Dear, does anyone know a lot o more about new BMW M9?

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  9. Merely speculation
  10. DAM! the design though is meh.
  11. Amazing that the basically fully developed CX-75 isn't being produced and this sort of nonsense is.
  12. THIS
  14. mazda cx75 better impress
  15. You totally sound like a former slave owner....
    "I used to like the big strong ones with history, not these new ones that cost twice as much"
  16. Especially since literally any nigger can squeeze 1000 bhp out of, say, an LS7.

    I don't think lack of pedigree is the problem here, it's lack of trying. Look at Romano Artioli's attempt with Bugatti, the EB110, or Pagani Zonda. Then look at this MILLECAZZI shit or this pos. Artioli and Pagani started from 0 and one of them failed but they still managed to build great fucking cars. Because they gave a shit.
  17. I'd say that you sound like a former slave but that would be insulting towards niggers
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    An enthusiast who values pedigree and performance will choose LaFerrari or 918 in a heartbeat over this.

    But there are people out there with too much money to burn who would buy a car simply because it is ultra rare and ultra expensive, regardless of its pedigree or performance. They want to be able to brag at their next party on owning a sportscar that no one else has and costs twice as much as the Ferrari flagship.
  19. I'd be scared to drive all out in a 900HP car built by some unknown. Thats a lot of power to keep in check.
  20. Depends on what you compare it with. It's only scary when you compare it with supercars from well established companies.

    Here in my country there are plenty of old irons restored / built in a garage with more power than this, and they run just fine.
  21. Yeah, but they're built off of known platforms that probably started off at less than 900hp.

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