Ferrari 250 P5 by Pinifarina

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  1. If anybody has anymore high-resolution images of this car I'd really appreciate if you posted them.

    Introduced: 1968 (Turin Motor Show)

    Manufactured: 1968

    Body Type: 2 seater berlinetta

    Dimensions: Wheelbase - 2490 mm
    Length - 4265 mm
    Width - 1685 mm
    Height - 1030 mm

    Technical Specifications: mid-rear V12 (60°) engine,
    400 hp, 5 speed gearbox

    Top Speed: 320 Kph

    Units Produced: 1 (one-off)
  2. 2 more high-res pics

    Please post anymore you might have.
  3. looks like Racer X's car.
  4. Just these 4
  5. Thanks for the extra pics guys. If anybody has anymore, don't hesitate to post them
  6. Wow, that is awesome. How come I never knew this existed?
  7. that is such a typical example of 1960s futuristic styling. totally awesome
  8. Haha looks so much like the P4/5, except even uglier.

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