Ferrari 288 GTO - Yellow Factory Prototype

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    Ferrari 288 GTO The factory prototype and the only original Giallo Fly example
    RM Auctions - Ferrari Leggenda e Passione 20th May 2007

    Sale dates:
    May 20, 2007
    Preview dates:
    May 18 - 20, 2007

    Ferrari S.p.A.
    Circuito di Fiorano
    41042 Fiorano, Maranello, Italia

    colour Giallo Fly
    interior colour Black
    drive LHD
    type Coupe
    year 1985
    Chassis No. ZFFPA16B000047649
    Price estimate: 272.000 - 306.000 GBP
    VAT No

    An exclusive auction at the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, where the legend was born, dedicated exclusively to the most superb road going and racing Ferraris, as well as many virtually irreplaceable lots of Ferrari memorabilia.

    Although built for homologation purposes, the 288 GTO was much more than that. It was a platform to demonstrate the street potential of Ferrari’s technological, racing-derived leadership.

    The body was a monocoque structure, and utilized a variety of sophisticated composites – clearly influenced by Ferrari engineer Harvey Postlethwaite’s work on the championship winning Formula 1 Ferrari 126 C2 cars of 1982 and 1983. The stiffness of this structure gave the new 288 GTO tremendous stability and agile handling.

    With any Ferrari, however, it is the engine that ignites the passions of the faithful, and the 288 GTO certainly did not disappoint. The V-8 engine had been turned 90 degrees – and the wheelbase lengthened to accommodate it. This new orientation left room for the engine’s raison d’etre, its twin IHI turbochargers, feeding the engine through a pair of massive Behr air to air intercoolers.

    The engine bay is a wonder to behold; it is highly functional, of course, but beautiful as well, with its red wrinkle-finish valve covers and aluminum intercoolers. Even the rubber hoses in the intake system are red, to match the other details. With its Weber-Marelli electronic fuel injection handling induction chores, this new twin-turbocharged powerplant is capable of 400bhp. It is the delivery, however, that gives the car its personality – when the turbochargers kick in, the driver is pinned against the seat as the engine climbs a near-vertical wall of torque. The result was a zero to 100 km/hr time of less than five seconds, and a top speed of more than 300 km/hr.

    The example offered here is the sole surviving factory prototype for the 288 GTO series. It is one of the four developmental cars built by Ferrari before production of the 288 GTO began. Two of these four were used for crash tests and subsequently destroyed. Another one was disassembled and sold as spare parts to a Ferrari customer who had crashed his car.

    Chassis 47649 thus remains the only development car in existence and its prototype status is the reason it is not listed as one of the 272 production examples built. The car was owned by Ferrari until 1985 when a special Ferrari customer succeeded in buying it.

    All components are those used in the original assembly at Ferrari and no modifications have subsequently been carried out. It has the very desirable four-point seat belts and fire extinguishing system, both of which were required for testing. It has just 9,650km, all of which was undertaken by Ferrari test drivers.

    The car was completely checked and prepared by Ferrari before it was sold in 1985. Today, the car remains in excellent original condition, and has benefited from a recent service by Ferrari’s Classiche department.

    Any of the 272 production 288 GTOs would be a rare find today. The sole surviving factory prototype makes it arguably the most important of all. Furthermore, all the production cars were finished in Corsa red, making this prototype in Giallo Fly (yellow) the instantly recognizable as the birth of a legend.
  2. seriously
  3. that is what i'd sell a family member for
  4. awesome car
  5. what a beauty!
  6. GTO need to be Red .
  7. agree. i only like it in red.
  8. It looks so much better in yellow
  9. Best looking modern Ferrari after the F40
  10. Looks awesome in yellow.
  11. my fav ferrari body style prob.
  12. I love the 288 GTO, but any Ferrari with the bodystale as the 288 GTO, 308, 328 Looks awsome in Red or Black . But I love this yellow one!!
  13. my favorite ferrari
  14. I didn't know there were any factory yellow 288 GTO's. Looks awesome though, I didn't expect it to.
  15. there are 2, however the 2nd was made years after the 288 GTO production ended with left over parts
  16. Very hot, The brought colour really shows off the lines of this car well.
  17. Holy crap, such porn
  18. still hot
  19. Yeah, that's actually the first time i see a 288GTO and find it hot.
  20. Still my favorite car of all time.
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  22. it would look so much better with different side mirrors. They're so akward on such a beautiful design.
  23. Truthness.

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