Ferrari 360 CS chased by Honda S2000 at track

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    There are two 360's.. both CS's? I know one is.

    Either the 360 driver's don't know how to drive, or they're just taking it easy.

    I hope it's the latter.

    Right click to download, don't stream it'll take forever.

    Video is 76.2MB and about 5:18 long.
  2. If its a stock s2000, and a 360 of any kind (CS, challenge or normal) then its the driver, not the car.

    Of coruse, it its been heavily modified, anythings possible really. Renault once put an F1 engine, gearbox, diff and suspenion into a mini-van. Probaly would have given an enzo a decent run for its money. Of course, the only thing left of the original van (it was an espace (sp?) I think) was teh body, and even that was modified.

    Basicly, speed costs money. Spend enough of it on anything, it'll go fast.
  3. The renault espace F1 was an F1 car with a carbon fibre minivan body. It would absolutely destroy an enzo.
  4. my point exectly
  5. I can't dowload the #$%#ing video, #$%#ing racingflix.....
  6. same here <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. The guy in the S2000 is obviously a ricer.
  8. racer
  9. ricer
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