Ferrari 360 modena vs. BMW Z8 R50s

Discussion in '2000 Racing Dynamics Z8 R50S' started by snyper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. that will be a close battle, the Z8 has the top speed, acceleration, and mid-range punch over this car, and the handling is a bit better in the ferrari, and so r the brakes of the ferrari, it would be a close race one that i would love to see<!-- Signature -->
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    You're right. Close battle. But if seen from a stock vs. stock point of view, than the Modena would win in just about all categories because it is a 100% pure sport car after all. The Z8 combines many luxury amenities that the Modena doesn't offer, making it a luxury Grand Touring Convertible.
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    Hahahaha! I know. The only people I ever see in Z8's (when I rarely do) are old guys probably in their 70's driving 40mph on the freeway. Then there's Bond of course, but how real are his driving skills, and how majorly modified was his version? I would love to see a race between the two though, it would have to be amazing.<!-- Signature -->
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    how drivable is this car? the front spoiler is dragging on the ground from that pic. however a race between this and the modena will be close, but i'd still take a modena over this car.<!-- Signature -->
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    I wouls dtill prefer the 360 simply cause its a ferrari
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    The ferrari is pure's over all performance would be better, don't bother with minor differences in the it looks so much nicer!
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    mmmmmm nice question
    in looks,i like both.
    performance i think 360
    luxury i'd go for Z8
    overall Z8,but my heart will be broke because i also love the Modena
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    This would be a cool battle to watch. i have Z8 in the end only cuz its got a fair more amount fo racing additions to it
  9. That would be a good race, and the winner would be decided by the track used. THe modena would win on a slow, twisty, technical circuit such as Suzuka, while the BMW would win on a long, sweeping, highspeed circuit such as Tsukuba. I much rather have the 360 asa daily driver, though, because it looks much better, is more reliable and easier to live with than this tuner monster, and would probably be more fun to drive.

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