Ferrari 456 GT vs Mercedes-Benz CL 600

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari 456 GT' started by fastcars4life, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Which car is better. Both are 200.000$ and over.
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    Ferrari has no competition. does the cl do 190mph??<!-- Signature -->
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    no contest, is the CL a ferrari?
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    First of all, the CL600 is about $120,000 - half of what the 456 GT costs. If all you want is a 4-seater coupe, then, IMHO, the CL600 is much better for the money, even though it is speed-limited to 155 mph. On the other hand, if you have the money to spend, the 456 GT is a Ferrari, which means it has a racing heritage and exquisite styling. Plus, the fact that it can go 190 mph doesn't hurt, either.
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    chances are if you can put out 120,000 for a car then most likely 200,000 wont be much more for u so i would take the ferrari
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    Even though this is one of my least favorite Ferrari's ever made
    I would still have to take this over a Stupid MERcedes,lol
    It's still a Ferrari and there is no comparing the two companies,lol
    BUt If I could go with something even less money like a F355
    i'd take that over both of these heh
    ANy ways Imports rule!!!!!!!!!
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    you are so #$%#ing stupied!

    mercedes-benz beat every car company and i mean all of them!

    i want you to compare the sl55 amg to this ferrari


    and the sl is so beautiful, amaizing and the ferrari is just nice

    and what about the clk-gtr?????????????????????

    there's no ferrari that can be compared to this car

    LIVE MERCEDES LIVE GERMAN CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would go with the Ferrari 456 Gt for a couple of reasons. Yes these are both great cars and look damn good, but yes the Ferrari is my choice because when people see both of these cars they will go to the Ferrari first, so basiaclly this car stands out more.
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    The Ferrari 456 looks a lot better. It's one of my favorite Ferraris. A true 4-seater coupe that has 442 bhp and goes 186 mph. Nice!
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    Ok, given your name is "german_cars" I shouldn't be surprised at this sort of banter... but nevertheless... ok, HOW do Mercedes-Benz beat every other car company? Top Speed: Thinking Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti (when the Veyron is released, and the EB110S), Maclaren F1 when it lived. Plus Jaguar XJ-220 or whatever it was called (sorry, memory fades). Acceleration: same companies, plus cars like Viper GTS, Corvette, Porsche 911 Turbo, TVR's, Lotus Esprit V8, etc etc etc the list goes on (SL55 AMG 0-100 in 4.7s). Let's not forget that Mercedes C-class and above come in AUTO only... where's the fun? Handling: Clearly, any Lotus... Ferraris, Porsches (imagine the engineering that gets neutral handling with 67% of weight over the rear wheels!), the list goes on... Economy: MCC Smart gets this one (thumbs up to M-B). Luxury... well it's debatable, but Mercedes probably wins this too. So, Mercedes does NOT beat EVERY other car company, and you need to set criteria to make a claim like this.

    Next... SL55 might to more than 200mph without the limiter, but you would void your warranty and insurance by removing it... besides which, Porsche 911 Turbo and Ferrari 360 Modena are not a long way off (315 kph, 304 kph respectively) for the same price, and don't forget that you can order a factory power increase on your 911!

    I agree the SL55 is beautiful, but I quite like the shape of the Modena and Spider, I think they're exquisite... plus, the SL55 is SIX HUNDRED kg heavier...

    Actually, several Ferraris can be compared to the CLK-GTR, being the F40, F50 and Enzo. F40 0-100 in 3.8s top speed 324kph, F50 0-100 in 3.7s top speed 325kph, CLK-GTR 0-100 in 3.5s top speed 330kph? Admittedly a slight edge, and it dominated on the race track (over the Maclarens too!), but no figures yet for the Enzo which promises to be very fast indeed...

    Finally, I agree, long live Mercedes and German cars... I think they add a factory and quality cleanness and precision to cars... just don't be telling me they're the best regardless of class, competition or preferences (ie. manual gearbox!)!!
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    i 4got where they said this quote but they said "the ferrari 456 gt is the best gt car" i dont believe thats possible but it culd b

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