Ferrari 458 Spider Photos Leaked

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    Ahead of its official reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show, photos of the new drop-top Ferrari have leaked onto the net. We can’t confirm if these are in fact the official pics of the production 458 Spider, but they certainly do look authentic, and are done in the same style as Ferrari’s usual press images.

    What isn’t clear from the photos is where the roof section goes, with the Spider reportedly using a folding hard top similar to the Superamerica.

    Look for official images soon, followed by a mid-September debut in Frankfurt.
  2. Goddamit! This site gives me headaches.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    Click on those thumbnails, pics work. Urgh!
  3. useless without pics
  4. Much sexier than the hard top.
  5. Looks like an f430
    i.e. shit
  6. nice poser version
  7. It's better than than 911.
  8. Aw, just click on the link... as ever, I prefer the berlinetta.
  9. i NEED that extra structural rigidity a hard top berlinetta provides for the higher apex speeds in order to decrease my lap times
  10. i like it. t top woulda been best tho.

    miss the F355 so much
  11. normally i prefer hardtops but that's #$%#ing hot
  12. The date that it is officially released will be a day that will live in infamy
  13. Looks pretty good.
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  16. You dont really know what infamy means, do you?
  17. Wow ! This will be the best 458 IMO
  18. I still dont like the 458 shape, but the roof thing looks quite well executed.
  19. i like it, although i prefer he soft top for siders/roadsters.
    i like the way they kept the roof line of he coupe, becuse theroof line of the 458 is one of the best.
  20. I think I actually like the engine bay cover on this more than the glass cover. Reminds me of pre-360 Modena Ferraris.
  21. I hope they considered acutley the heat problem because, when open, the roof will probably get a LOT of heat from the engine. It would be sad to see a new serie of 458 burning.
  22. one would hope they have some sort of heat treating on that compartment.

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