Ferrari 488 GTB

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Innotech, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. In not saying its good or bad its just interesting.

    Personally I really like it though.
  2. even the door handle is an aero aid it looks like. Is that a first?
  3. it looks really good. probably the best mid level supercar atm. performance figures are out of this world now, it's indeed mental. when/where will it end?
    wonder if the rear is as wide as i think it is.
  4. Okay, so I did miss that :D That does still sound pretty far-fetched but makes at least some sense..
  5. I hope the Scuderia/Speciale version will get the LaF XX style vertical stabilizers at the back like a fighter jet. And give it those little winglets on the side skirts like on the Speciale too.

    F it. The base models are always the classically beautiful, make the top flight one look like a Lambo.
  6. The turbos need cooling...

    ....I tell the supercar mechanic

    I think it looks great but the overall design of Ferraris nowadays isn't good enough. They need models more similar to the 288 GTO and the 355. And the interiors look too Playstation-like.
  7. True, the dash/steeringwheel of modern ferraris are off-putting
  8. I know but it slightly ruins it for me. have to wait to see one in person to give a final verdict
  9. oh wait this is the replacement for the 458? i thought it was just a model next to the 458.

    i thought the 458 wasn't that old yet
  10. I forget the 458 came out 5 years ago now. I still seems like its only a few years in.
  11. relative to the Gallardo and Aston Vantage, you're right.
  12. relative to the Gallardo and Aston Vantage, you're right.
  13. srsly. a decade each.

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