Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

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  1. Alright, I wouldn't want to buy that one either. However I'd still rather buy a 288 GTO today than any 599.
  2. the guy who bought it literally did nothing with it for almost 20 years. was later purchased by another client who paid a bunch of us ex Ferrari workers to fix it and it ended up being sold at the first Maranello RM auction.
  4. The F40 celebrated Ferrari's 40th ... building 1200 plus was silly ?
  5. not siding with the retard but IIRC they were only going to build 300 but when some of those 300 started selling their cars off for double or triple the price old man Ferrari stated that if you had the money they'd build you one.
  6. Part of the reason why collectors are all dying for the car is BECAUSE it is limited production. So, that argument is circular. If this were a standard model with unlimited production I'm sure half of the people dying to buy one wouldn't be interested.
  7. Correct. The fact that only very few are made, makes it valueable itself....Like I said. As a car it's not THAT special (599, GTO engine, canvas roof end of story) so maybe around 80 is actually what the market can take...
  8. exactly.

  9. that point about the 80 cars is moot. Ferrari rarely sticks to the numbers they promise to limit, just like the Enzo, same will prob happen to the GTO

    The point is, the Marketing tactics Ferrari used to sell this car is very irritating and stupid.
  10. Hail and worship the collectors. They are the sole reason that some of the moste extreme, expensive, spectacular and rare supercars were ever made.....And collectors are even the reason some makes have survived...

    Thank god for rich men stuffing their basements with overpriced exotics...
  11. TROLL
  12. It's a fact. Don't deny it...
  13. most of the cool cars were made either for racing, not for collectors.
  14. even if so? hes still right, you guys always act picky with supercarshaveitalianamespronto
  15. brunei sultan is a living proof of what he said but there may a shitton of other collections which could be mentioned

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