Ferrari 599XX sets new record at Nurburgring

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Apr 23, 2010.

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    "high def" on youtube

  2. ...don't forget the extreme setup and estreme tires: 599 did 7.47 with standard setup, not the HGTE, and standard Pzero, not PZero Corsa.
    7.25-7.30 for me
  3. I wonder how the FXX would do at the ring
  4. Probably in the 6:35-45 range.
  5. Yea, but this car has the insane might of Ferrari behind its development, I'd surprised if it wasn't faster than a bunch of insane tuner cars...

    Plus it runs on slicks, so that automatically gives it a HUGE advantage over cars on street tires.
  6. Yes.
  7. oh wait, this is a racecar? i thought this was the roadgoing car.
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  9. to answer all the querstion:

    the FXX is a race car, a club racer not even homolagted for any FIA racing series at all, runijkng on race tyres, mst likely slicks, not street-legal at at all, more powerful and lighter than the road-going GTO would be

    the street-legal GTO also would be slower due to running on street-legal tyres then
  10. amongst about a million other things. How is the suing of the company that promised you a car going axel?
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  12. Maybe 6m57:71 the way they do it, cause for them the lap ends when their car makes the last turn.
  13. oh look.......a race car is fast on a race track......
  14. That's where it usually ends.

    It's to do with traffic exiting the pits and what not.
  15. AXEL!!!

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  16. What a beast. It's insane the speed it carries through curves.
  17. Wonder what Raging small Balls thinks of this?
  18. Yeah, I was looking at it going around the corners thinking "If I were doing that in Forza 3 the car would go right off", he's barely slowing down through a lot of them.
  19. nissan GTR from FIA GT1 would beat it and so would the GTR from super gt.
  20. 599 by far the best looking thing Ferrari makes.
  22. most useless post
  23. Koenigsegg is perfection, it will break the 5 minute barrier.
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    Kings crap, LOL

    7:33.55 163.62 km/h - Koenigsegg CCX, 817 PS/1280 kg , Marc Basseng (evo #123)
    7:34 --- 163.59 km/h - Koenigsegg CCR, 806 PS/1418 kg, Horst von Saurma (sport auto oct,17-18 05)

    check out here:

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