Ferrari 599XX sets new record at Nurburgring

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Of course I wouldn't. It just seems a bit rich to be asking your most loyal of customers to pay over a million dollars to participate in a "development" program. Especially when the car you purchase to do so, isn't even really yours.
  2. R&D funding? I would be greatly surprised if Ferrari have a problem with R&D funding. They're now making more cars (even while artificially limiting supply) than they claimed they would years ago. Ever heard of Ferrari World?
    I do agree that the marketing strategy will be hugely beneficial in getting people into even more expensive, even more exclusive Ferraris, yes.

    Schumi worked on the 599. It turned out badly did it?
    If this was never a problem before, how is it being "fixed" now? You get 10 owners in on the program, and you get one of two things:
    1) a car that's a such a mix of divergent opinions, it satisfies no one in the end, or
    2) a car that caters only to 50-year-olds with a lot more money than your average Ferrari owner.

    Am I hearing this right? "Ferrari doesn't have a general idea that they're headed in the right direction??" LOL, that's pretty #$%#ed up!
    Now, we're all here talking about opinions, and IMO one the great things about Ferrari (and to a greater extent, smaller companies like Pagani) is their more autocratic approach to car development. Less of the massive design-by-comittee approach which compromises other cars. "Don't like how this car handles or puts down its power? Tough shit, take your business elsewhere. And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out while the next 100 guys get moved up the list."
    Instead of being able to say "My car was developed with a huge amount of input from Michael Schumacher (or Dario Benuzzi, or Fernando Alonso, etc)", we now say "My car was developed with a huge amount of input from Abe Froman. Or by one of those nephews of that oil baron from Saudi Arabia. You know, the one with the beard. Or..."
  3. Throw a Corvette C6.R with slicks on that track and it'll smash that time with ease.

    No big deal.
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  9. That car sure is fast!!! Unbelievabe
  10. at leaster faster, lighter and better than the #$%#ing ugly 2-ton brick called Nissan GT-R

  11. class restrictions perhaps?

    also 'slicks' is such an open term for tires. There is many different grades of tires.
  12. class restrictions? the car is simply a testbed of future technology to be implemented its not homologated for any race series. also as far as the tires they are definitely slick cut tires and regardless of the grade of the slick it is still more effective than any road legal sports tire. this car wouldn't break 7 minutes on road legal tire. not a very huge deal to me considering price of the car and reputation of the company. I like and respect ferrari a lot im just not sold on this bs marketing jazz. not saying its bad car/time im just dissapointed that ferrari felt they had to publicize this so much. they could just say "hey this car ran this time on the ring" not "we have set a record on the ring for a class which we invented".
  13. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi...

  14. yeah this car is fast......but would someone please look at the price tag! look at the new GT2 rs for me everyone.....the GT2rs is wayyy cheaper!, its road legal....and a little more civilized.
    i mean yeah okay so it sets a time of 6:58 BUT at what price? well to be exact $1.5 MILLION that MORE that a buggati veyron! granted it is a better,more exotic,faster and better looking dodge viper ACR
    but i mean i think ferrari could have done better with the extravicant price tag!
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    it was not a hennessey venom TT!

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