Ferrari boss: 'V6 is possible'

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Neeko, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. F355 was a far better car for the money compared with F430. F355 was one of the best Ferraris ever made if you put price and styling into consideration. Compared with the F355, the F430 almost seem like ripoff.
  2. Ferrari can do whatever the #$%# they want and you all STFU.
  3. They don't if they don't want to compete in that segment. Stop telling Ferrari what Ferrari needs to do....
  4. considering the cars in that segment take sales from Ferrari they should compete there.
  5. No. In that segment the pricelevel is so relatively low thus with a margin that is also low. I think that the only way to be competitive in the segment is to produce and sell cars in "large" volumens. Not exaclty a Ferrari strategy.
    Go premium or go large so to speak....
    And as long as Ferrari can maintain a higher demand than supply = waiting lists even during deep economical ressesion it would not be clever to enter the bread and butter segment.
    Not to mention how harmfull it could be to the brand.
  6. making a car for that segment would probably equate to another 1500 cars per year for Ferrari. they're very good at only makeing so many cars per year. they'd use the same strategy they've always used.
  7. I fully support the idea of a v6 engine. Will make everything lighter.

    I am against every new generation of car being 0.XX seconds faster that the last, having XX more kilowatts etc etc
  8. Sounds to me like a modern day 308 GTS
  9. ferrari should do an inline 4 again
  10. Turbo supercharged.
  11. Hm a 2,5L V8 Biturbo (smal F40) would be nice....
  12. And NOS!
  13. i agree except what the heck is kilowatts?@@!
  14. I think he's talking about electric cars. But Ferraris are not electrixs!
  15. not gonna happen
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  17. He is not. 1 KW is 1,36 Hp
  19. gahahahaha

    ferrary pickup is next. and whatever car with a V6 sounds good, let me be the first to tell you no V6 has ever sounded like a ferrari, even when it was in one.
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    Pretty unique sound for a V6 right here

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    wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    v6's can sound awesome. also i find it quite ironic that your username is that of a six cylinder car.

    even modern v6s can sound good:


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