Ferrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

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  1. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    Just hours after its world debut in Paris, visitors to Sydney’s Darling Harbour have had a sneak preview of the star of the 2008 Australian International Motor Show with the Ferrari California pausing for a few quick pictures before entering the exhibition halls ready for its debut on 9 October 2008.

    “We were after a few pictures of our new supercar for local use with a Sydney skyline behind it and under and Australian sky,” explained Kevin Wall, General Manager for Ferrari at the Australian and New Zealand importer, EAI. “So a few lucky people have had a truly exclusive preview of what will, without doubt, be the star of the Australian International Motor Show, which, after the Paris Show, will be the next place anyone in the world will see the Ferrari California in public.”

    The California's sleek aerodynamic styling is, like the rest of the current Ferrari models, the result of our longstanding collaboration with Pininfarina and offers a host of signature Ferrari styling cues. Viewed from the side, the aerodynamic sweep of the bonnet beautifully contrasts with the compact tail volume and the pulled-back cabin. The front continues some of the themes hinted at on the flanks, harmoniously alternating concave and convex volumes.

    Seen head-on, the car clearly takes it much of its inspiration from the prestigious Prancing Horse car from which it takes its name: the grille and slender air intake at the centre of the bonnet most notably harking back to the 250 GT California. At the rear, the sides and the muscular tail section are both familiar too. As at the front, the single round LED taillights are inset directly along the edge of the boot. The California's vertically stacked twin tailpipes are an original flourish as is the boot which sweeps right down to the bumpers to improve functionality.

    Of course, the interior also reflects the same level of design sophistication, exuding a sense of refined luxury, comfort and bespoke quality. Situated between the front seats, the new aluminium-trimmed centre console is another distinctive touch that goes beyond the merely aesthetic, beautifully combining functionality and design.

    The Ferrari California's aerodynamics were, of course, developed in tandem with its styling. This allowed Ferrari to keep the Cx (drag coefficient) right down with respect to the downforce required for optimal vehicle dynamics. In the coupé configuration, the California has a Cx value of 0.32. A desire to achieve perfect balance between vertical load and drag influenced the shape of the rear diffuser and the spoiler incorporated into the front bumper. Drag has been cut to 10% lower than on the other Ferrari models which not only makes the California a more aerodynamically efficient car but also reduces fuel consumption. Last but not least, the air intake on the bonnet ensures highly efficient cooling of the engine compartment. (
  2. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    looks better in blue then red IMO
  3. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    nice, I will be there this saturday.
  4. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

  5. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    I can't wait to see one in person.
  6. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    Nice S2000
  7. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    omg that was halarious
  8. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    Nice S2000
  9. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    it really is
  10. Ferrrari California at Australian Int. Motor Show

    yeah i realize your argument and i still know which one i would rather have because when it comes to material finishes, manufacturing process, attention to detail, driving experience, and a car which doesn't make me feel claustrophobic, there is enough to seperate the two greatly
  11. I have an S2000 and i am not so sure that for the extra 100k it is THAT more driver expierence. Sensors, probably semi-auto, more weight...

    Im not even going to get into 1/2 of that in mods.

    But still i see ur point Ferrari= Passion
  12. what an ugly piece of shit.
  13. Looks so nice in that colour. I want to see one in yellow.
  14. Put the roof up on either one of them and try and make the same comparo.

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