Ferrari California (press release + pics)

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  1. Yes I do, I'm not ashamed of it at all.

    I think you are overwhelmed by past Ferraris but this car is practical & not aimed at the F40 Enzo crowd.

  2. So you love those is-f..oops i mean ORIGINAL exhaust tips? and the amazing headlights that remind you of a past fwd toyota 2dr?
  3. I would be surprised if any one manufacturer is responsible for bringing them to market first. But that's not even relevant. If MB invented all of this, say, 80 years ago, and to this day does not employ all of it in any car, and yet Ferrari does, does it really stand to reason that MB is far more advanced? I thought we were talking about individual cars; note the topic of this thread. This Ferrari has the tech. None of the cars you mentioned has all of it. Not MB, not BMW, not GM. Period.
  4. I don't need to read anything about it. Its just more HP with a scud bumper.

    The next Lamborghini will be more HP with a different bumper. The next one after that will have the same lines with more HP and another different bumper. The one after that will have more HP with a different bumper.

    I'm looking forward to the Ca GT. The 599 spider, the 430's successor which will be vastly different from the 430 from the styling to engine displacement & areodynamics. The Enzo's successor which will be different, styling wise & engine displacement & areodynamics. Each new Ferrari will offer a different driving experience combined with a different fresh look. So just stop with the F v L stuff. They have no front engine V8.

    I love the looks of the Ca GT. Its a great looking car.
  5. Well Ferrari is KING.

    I think you know that. But as I've said in the past their are other good car makers out there.

    You just pretend Ferrari offers nothing innovative when they've been putting race car technology in road cars for decades.
  6. lmao. denial.
  7. No, you DO need to read about it if you want to claim it's better/worse than car A, B or C.

    You've made up your opinion about the whole car, not knowing anything about it apart from looks and hp number. Way to be unbiased and unopinionated...
  8. Answer one question then.

    How does so much of latest f1 tech constantly get beaten around a track by a lowly corvette? I mean the car has leaf springs ffs.

    Could it be that ferrari with all its F1 gizmos is NOT the king you believe it is? Could it be that the corvette, leaf springs and all, just makes the most of what its got? Could it mean that the corvette engineers are just better and making a performance car? And its a pleasure to drive it on the road too so youve not got that point.

    And now Nissan has passed your KING. How much F1 inspired tech does the GTR carry? How does that make you feel? And honestly while the GTR might not be the prettiest car but compared to modern ferraris...come on.

    Also how is a convertible hardtop anything innovative? Dont make me remind you of a certain other GT who has been doing that for 6 years now.
  9. only looking @ the pics ron simmons already knows that it will sucks, FNAF already knows it will be a monster.
  10. Well, you're never going to own a Ferrari so, why should you care?
  11. 1. If you knew anything about the LP560, which you really should if you don't want to come off like a complete idiot when talking about it, you'd know that it's pulling out similar acceleration times to the Scuderia - the F430 is pretty much left for dead.
    It won't be topping the lightened Ferrari round any tracks, but it is £25,000 less expensive for a similarly rapid and unstripped car. And when the lightweight version inevitably surfaces, I have a very hard time imagining it not kicking the Scuderia's ass (and, just to make you happy, it's probably going to be RWD).

    2. The original Gallardo was a 360-beater. The F430 was aimed to top the baby Lambo, which it did. But it didn't "slay them all". The Gallardo SE bridged the gap - ask any motoring journalist and they'll tell you that from 2006 the F430 was only a slightly better car. And the Superleggera is substantially faster than the F430 round a track - hardly a surprise to most people, given that it's been stripped out and carries a heavier pricetag, but apparently news to you.

    3. "AWD isn't a true sports car"? You know, at least six people have called you out about this extremely dubious logic in several different threads, and you haven't replied to any of them.

    4. "Lamborghini isn't a threat to them" - of course they aren't, demand for the premium sector is absolutely BOOMING these days. Supercar manufacturers need to keep production down to make sure their cars don't become mundane, hurting the brand and their desirability. This means that there are more than enough buyers to go around, and neither company is having the slightest bit of a problem finding owners for their cars.

    5. "Scud front end" on the LP560? Hey moron, ever seen an LP640? You know, the car which predates the Scuderia by nearly two years? That's where the front end comes from. Not to mention that the LP560 was designed *long* before the Scud was revealed, or that the Reventon (with an essentially similar nose) was actually finished and on display before we even saw Scuderia press pictures.

    6. "It's just another gallardo ... with more hp thats it." Already covered that under the first item. Just to educate you, as well as the 552 horses and extra torque, there's 20kg weightloss, chassis revisions, a new engine (with 18% improved emissions/consumption), quicker gearshifts, and a whole flotilla of mechanical changes too anal for me to get into. It's the F430 to the 5.0's 360.
  12. Dude listen.

    Its an AWD car with lots of HP & 30 year old lines. Thats it, nothing else special about it. Just adding HP to an to an awd with the same look & feel is BORING. Seriously its like the 5th gallardo now?

    I love the Scud & its a remarkable astonishing achievement that will be a classic like the CS but people in the Ferrari family are already clamouring for the successor because it will be even better. Sadly you & me already know the lp560's successor. Gallardo lp600. 40 more HP to awd with slightly different front end.

    But before the 430's successor its time to celebrate the new member of the stable. The Ca GT. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  13. You answer this question. Ferrari makes a car why does everyone set out to beat it?

    Just answer that? Ask any auto maker into the high end exotic or luxury market, what is the benchmark or goal to beat. They will privately & some publicly will answer the 430, 599 or maybe Porsche.

    Please don't mention corvette. LOL!!!!

    A corvette is IRRELEVANT.
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    Check it out:

    Now make up conspiracy theories.

    For the record, the F430 is my absolute favourite car in the world, in all variations (Scud, challenge, spider). But sometimes, pure emotion for a car cannot overcome facts.

    And on topic, I like the new California except for the copied exhausts.
  15. its funny though. most people seeing the Cali GT are saying "this looks nothing like a ferrari".

    thats were ferrari loses. they dont have a "certain" look to them in one way or another to suggest its a ferrari. people see a MB without a badge, they know its a MB. same thing for AM, same thing for BMW, Porsche, Dodge,Audi, Corvettes, lamborghini etc etc.

    what you call "30 year old lines", companies call signature designs and signature grills. its what makes their car's stand out from the rivals when you first look at them.

    so the GT isnt paying homage to anything like you initially claimed. or is it, in which case you are contradicting what you said above.
  16. I agree. The F430 and the 599 look like Ferraris. The Cali GT should be a Lancia or an Alfa Romeo. It's a great looking car, but not a Ferrari.
  17. I agree with the fact that Ferrari has some identity issues with some of it's cars, but their V8 line has some good styling heritage:

    edit: v3'd...but you get the idea
  18. exactly. put an F430 next to a F360 and you will see SO MANY simularities. its an evolution of the design. just as the Murcielago was to the diablo and to the countach.
  19. Yawns!!!!!

    You'll be saying the same thing with the 430's successor. Hahahaha The 430's successor was targeting the lp600. BULL________

    Ferrari made the 430 not to target Lamborghini but to improve on the 360 like they did with the 348 & 355 WHEN THEIR WAS NO DAMN LAMBORGHINI TO COMPETE AGAINST!!!!! Thats PROOF!!!

    If they really wanted to they could blow them out the water. Imagine what Maranello could produce if they wanted to make a V10 RWD. Something Lamborghini NEVER hopes they do. Michael Schumaucher won his 7 world titles with guess what, a V10 Ferrari engine. Please stop stop stop with the spin and propaganda. Ferrari's not even going there & they shouldnt because it would only dignify what Lamborghini is doing. Needing a larger engine with HP & awd to make a car on par with a 4.3 liter V8.

    The gallardo was aimed at the 430 from the start. Lamborghini knew Ferrari produces a new mid engine V8 every 5 years. When the Lamborghini guessed at the 360's successor HP & engine configuration, they guess wrong & the gallardo got its ass whipped by the 430. The whole evolution & going back to the drawing board started trying to catch the 430 began.

    FERRARI HAS ONLY TOUCHED THE 430 ONCE!!! They upgraded it to the 430S ONE TIME in its 5 year run while Lamborghini has upgraded 5 or 6 times trying everything to overcome the 430. The 430 leaves the gallardo & gallardo SE for dead. The scud leaves the GLS and this latest incarnation for dead.

    Real race cars and skilled drivers drive RWD cars. Its part of the passion a feel for handling & owning a car like Ferrari Porshe or a Benz. AWD is for posers & people who cant drive or have no real interest in the feel & handling of the car.
  20. lmao. so the F1 V10 they used would be used in their road car. then lambo or anybody else need not worry since its not gonna be going anywhere but the shop.

    the Gallardo was only updated TWICE (but since you cant count properly, ill give you the 5 and 6). once was in 2006, and now LP560. Nera and SE and Superleggera ARE NOT UPDATES. they make up about 500 ot the 7200+ Gallardos built. small portion. the blue Gallardo with the flag is not a special edition car. dealer had that done personally. had nothing to do with lambo. I guess if a dealer gets a novitec F430, its gonna be another special edition.
  21. Can you please explain that? Serously not bashing or anything.

    How is Ferrari having identity issues with some of its cars when the cars current cars all have roots in earlier models? They don't have the exact same look & lines but they are rooted in previous models from the 50s and 60s.

    Too many people are caught up in the 70s 80s and 90s era. Yes I love cars from those eras and things will eventually come back around to them but I don't see an indentity crisis with the current cars.
  22. "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"
    "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"
    "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"
    "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"
    "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"
    "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"

    and once more if you missed it:

    "We have borrowed the Scuderia from Ferrari -- we trade officially"

    now go cry on your bed.
  23. A corvette is very relevant since it smokes KING ferraris.
  24. When the GSL and SE were launched you were here throwing their track times around in the face of people who liked the 430.

    You're the one in denial. 04 gallardo, then it was an 06 gallardo, SE, SL LP560 LOL!!!!!!

    Quit making yourself look silly.

    And no they won't use the F1 V10 clown, but you don't realize if they can master a complicated formula 1 V10 think of what they can do with a road going V10. Something that would give bull fan boys like you night sweats!!!

    Be lucky Montezemolo is a conservative CEO into front engine cars, not really into flash & getting in HP wars or proving anything. If he was they would & eat lamborghini alive at their own game. Thats what you fail to realize. You thump your chest and act all bad because you've sold a few cars. Ferrari could squash you if they choose to despite all the German help carrying you.

    Be thankful Ferrari is launching a car like the Ca GT rather than truly embarrasing the rehashed line up Lambo keeps marketing. They have no interest in doing so. All 430s and scuds are sold & its successor is sold for the next 3 years already.

    Seriously lambormina you should treat yourself & go to the F1 circut in Montreal in a few weeks. I warn you though. If you see that bright red F1 Ferrari live screaming at 200mph on the track it will make anything Lamborghini seem.............boring.
  25. holy crap <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>

    theres just so much in here that makes me laugh. I'm gonna start saving your posts soon.

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