Ferrari California (press release + pics)

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  1. BINGO!!!!!!!!!

    Thats the difference between you & people who dont follow F1 or know what Ferrari is about.

    The real true Ferrari enthusiasts want the feeling of an F1 car in a road car or as close to that feeling as legally possible.

    See you learn something everyday.

  2. only because you don't see it, it doesnt mean theres not, for example do you know what the "manettino" is? by itself it has more technology than many cars out there. do you think that ferraris are at so high levels technically without the help of technology? do you know how the 599 suspensions works? i doubt it.
  3. BINGO!!!!!!!!!

    Thats the difference between you & people who don't follow F1 technology or know about engineering.

    Ignorant Ferrari enthusiasts think a Ferrari is an F1 car in a road car or that somehow all this F1 technology is transferred to road cars.

    Yes, the enzo's engine costs 200k, that must mean it is highly technologically advanced. Because something costing more MUST be better right?

    Also, just because Ferrari makes better F1 cars, does not make the road cars more advanced. In fact that is exactly what we are arguing, that F1 has almost no relation to road cars. So saying the F1 cars are better, is meaningless.

    Seriously, this is like saying the ladder on the lunar lander advanced ladder technology that I buy at the hardware store. No, that ladder had totally different requirements than any household ladder and that would lead to different design decisions. This is the same thing with F1, the requirements for a F1 car are so radically different than a road car, the solutions will most likely be radically different.

    See you learn something everyday.
  4. FNAF vs DAMN in a hissy fight. This is a sight to see.
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    the F50 was made 13+ years ago (prob designed 15). Those were before the days of 3D CAD, CAE, FEA, etc etc to model/design a car. Formula one in 1995 may have had some relevance in street cars, but today it means absolutely nothing. F1 cars have been regulated to the extreme so pretty much all technology for them has to be made for that specific application, especially the manufacturing technology, making the technology incompatible with a street vehicle. the only thing that translates is a bit of material technology, but most of that is irrelevant now anyways because of how they manufacture the stuff for F1 (ie 1-offs, not mass production. Many materials are also now restricted in F1.

    For instance: Ferrari says the cars have an "F1 Style gearbox" but the gearboxes in the street cars share absolutely nothing in common with the forumla 1 ones. Theyre built using completely different methods, materials, they have entirely different purposes, and are actuated in different ways.

    here are some nice quotes from some articles I looked up on the subject.

    Even BMW spokesman Friedbert Holz concedes: 'Formula 1 vehicles and current road vehicles are so different that virtually no comparison can be made'.

    'Technology from Formula 1 cannot be transferred to ordinary road conditions,' says Hubert Paulus from the technology centre of Germany's automobile association ADAC

    one of the reasons F1 is looking into hybrid stuff is so theyre more relevant to road cars again so companies arent just pouring money in for marketing alone, like they are now.
  6. at least we already know whos gonna win, stupidity.
  7. oh and its winning so clearly
  8. Want the feeling of an F1 car? Buy a Caparo T1.
  10. Is it those flashing lights on the steering wheel you see when you are being overtaken by a GTR/ZR1?lol

    Again as I said ferrari is not all that behind. Its just that it cant really hang in this GT segment with the likes of the M6, mercedes SLs and the mighty CL class. They should stick to making overpriced cars that break every 3 months and wont run the ring because they know theyll get clowned.

    Atleast the GTR had the balls to prove what it claimed.
  11. yea since you are here now.
  12. Mercedes SL with ferrari refinement for the 50 year old retired golfer...I mean I get it but I thought with all the money Ferrari throws at racing more cars were suppose to be race inspired?

    But I guess not.....go where the money is right?
  13. no it is not a flashing light you dumbass.
  14. How can you come to the conclusion of the car not really hanging with its competition? they just released some pictures yesterday. And Ferrari knows how to make GT cars, just take a look at the long history of front engine V12 Ferraris. And if you wanna go to this particular segment you can look at the Ferrari built Maseratis, they have no problems hanging with its competitors.
  15. Wow... This sucks balls. The front is nice, I like how it is understated. But the rest is a mess, especially the back - it's huge and ugly. And the ISF exaust?! Wow, I never thought anyone would copy Lexus styling, especially not Ferrari. I wonder if they're not attached to the exaust system like the ISF's. As TSCM said, it's a Ferrari for posers and rich house wives. Ferrari officially sold out. I've said this before: In an interview with Motor Trend, Luca di Montezemolo said:

    "Used cars are our entry cars. We are not going to do any Dino. No way. Or a small or cheap Ferrari...what do you mean small? Less technology, less, no, no. I don't know why that story came out, I deny it."

    No matter how FNAF and whoever spins this car. It is exactly that. A small, cheap Ferrari with less technology and less innovation. No manual offered? This is such a #$%#ing joke.
  16. Ferrari 360 CS
    Ferrai 430 Scuderia
    McMerc SLR
    caparo T1
    Bugatti Veyron

    just off the top of my head.
  17. Actually it's going to be a bit more expensive than the F430.
  18. My friend, you are FAR off base.

    Having a big LCD screen with satnav and fancy cruse control does not mean a car is technologically advanced.

    A 599GTB has a power output of 103 HP/l; an SL63 has 85 HP/l. A FORCED induction 6.0l SL65 has 102 HP/l, the 4.3l N/A V8 of the Scuderia produces 118 HP/l. A 612 Scaglietti, while same size as an S-class, weighs 300 kg less.

    F1-trac, head and shoulders above Merc ESP. Merc ESP is prehistoric compared to it.
    60ms gearbox shifts.
    Electronic diff.
    Superior aerodynamics.
    FAR superior dynamics.
    Need I continue?

    These are the factors that determine the technical achievements of a car - not useless creature comforts. If that was the case, every Pimp-my-Ride POS would be lightyears ahead of any Merc.
  19. hp/L doesnt mean anything. Sometimes "technology" isnt a good thing. The OHV, non VVT, NA LS7 is one of the best motors on the market.

    power:weight and/or size of a motor (and a million other measurements factored in) is a much more relevant measurement of engineering prowess. Specific power is not.
  20. his point that ferraris are technologically advanced is still valid, ron simmons consider the parking assistant and cruise control stuff technologically advanced but it is avaible in most cars, while what a ferrari offer is not.
  21. I hope hp/L becomes a benchmark on these forums, because I can't wait to own virtually every fanboy with the EK Civic Type R.
  22. This thing's got aluminum body, direct injection, carbon-ceramic brakes in addition to the other things mentioned. There aren't a lot of BMW/MB/Chevy/Porsche that have got all of that rolled into one vehicle; in fact, I can't name any. That's not class-trailing tech in my book.

    LS7 is a fine its intended application. I don't think it would work in this kind of Ferrari, certainly not at the kind of prices Ferrari wants to command. Say what you will about Ferrari, but their clientele *want* that kind of excess. If they wanted value per money, they sure as hell wouldn't line up 2 years in advance for a Ferrari.
  23. Wait, did someone say that this thing is going to cost more than the F430? If so HAHAHAHAHA. Ferrari is the Sony of the automotive world. Their fanboys gobble up whatever shit comes out their ass.
  24. I wonder who Ferrari Now And Forever really is?
  25. Maybe I'm Enzo typing from auto heaven.

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