Ferrari California test !!!!

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by gallardo, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. the only thing I like is the interior. The front grille is ok, but the rest of the car should be scrapped.
  2. Windows live translator FTW.

    Seems like it's a real Ferrari. I like it but they need to do some work on that rear end. And as a few people have said this will probably leave room to make Ferrari's mid engine v8 a monster for enthusiasts.
  3. More and more it looks japanese to me
  4. I want to see this in person ....I think it might grow on me like the 599 did.
  5. If they rework the rear I think it will look great. LOL at rear seats
  6. some very nice pics of a very nice car, not a real road test, more just like a summary of the company press relaseses with some some specs
  7. Theres only one pic where the car looks good, its the one of the front grille. The only thing I truly like about the car is the gauge cluster. Overall FAIL.
  8. wtf is with ferrari and beige interiors? Beige is the worst interior color ever.
  9. The back end reminds me of alien vs predator for some reason. not in a good way either.
  10. The rear end is trully terrible and the interior looks like a Proton's
  11. wait.. 170,000 euros? Isn't that 30,000 more than the F430? Someone clarify.
  12. yeah. Its really expensive.
  13. I thought this was supposed to be the new baby Ferrari?
  14. Red is the most popular exterior color on Ferraris, and of those with red exterior the most popular interior is beige. It just so happens that most Ferrari press cars are red on tan. Take a fUcking oxycotin or something and chill out.
  15. There were rumours that it might be before it was actually unveiled, but the official word has always been that it would be priced above the F430 Spider.
  16. I love the instruments.

    I've got to say the back looks a lot better in these shots, probably because of the roof and I think the nose is pretty good but I'm not getting a Ferrari vibe. I don't hate it but it's what sort of what I would expect the new Lexus to look like.
  17. i understand why ferrari does it if its a popular combo, but i never understood why it was popular to begin with. it looks very weak.
  18. that car is sex
  19. ugly like a hell. ferrari has shit taste in design
  20. The only styling I don't like is the stacked Exhausts
  21. Lexus ISF copy... Ferrari should be better than that.
  22. ferrari race in red?
  23. Wow...

    What a piece of shit that is.s
  24. Porsches look very weak; I mean they look like tuned New Beetles.

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