ferrari clone

Discussion in '1954 Fiat 8V' started by maclaren4life, Aug 10, 2002.

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    yup looks alot like the 225 vignale coupe.
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    ferrari was fiat before ferrari took over
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    wrong, ferrari never took over, Fiat owns Ferrari. and lets not forget that Fiats and Ferraris were mainly designed by the same guy. Pininfarina ring a bell?
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    haha this car sucks who cares?
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    Hello?!!? Why do you think the name Zagato is in the cars name. Hmm... Maybe because it was designed by Zagato, and not by Pininfarina. Besides, Pininfarina was named Pinin Farina in those days. Not that I blame you for that, but Ferrari was not only designed by Pinin Farina in those days, but also by Scaglietti, Touring, Ghia and a few more.
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    Delta Integrale is right. In the olden days, coachbuilders styled and made the bodies for Fiat, Ferrari and Maserati, amongst others. With every decade comes a particular way of styling cars, a fashion, hence the similarities.

    So the next time some bore says cars all look the same, tell them to bog off.
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