Ferrari Concept Cars

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  1. Post all Ferrari Concept-Cars!


    348 Twin-Turbo

    400i Meera S by Michelotti (1982)

    F50 Prototype

    365 P Speziale (1966)
  2. the p4/5 the 1970 512 s modulo, the gg50, and the 250 p5 berlinetta speciale
  3. 1966 Ferrari 365 Guida Centrale
  4. p4/5 is awesome, that f50 concept looks super awkward and i like the spaceship car
  5. f50 is a pshop, the p4/5 isn't a concept and i don't think the gg50 is either, but i'm not 100% sure on that last one..
  6. Ferrari Rainbow 1976 by Bertone.
  7. Ferrari P6 1976 by Pininfarina.
  8. Ferrari 408 Integrale 1988 the first AWD ferrari.
  9. any better pics of the red 408?
  10. Ferrari FZ93 by zagato.
  11. was that the early f430?
  12. Back end of that 408 reminds me of a Cadillac Allante. No coincidence given both were Pininfarina.
  13. Thought I might as well share this since it was lying around
  14. Continued
  15. Last couple pages (could only get three images per post). The images look to be in the basic order in the magazine
  16. THX for the 408 Infos!

  17. Is this a Prototype?

    Ferrari-Dino 308 GT4 Gruppe 5
  18. One of my favorite concepts ...
  19. Awesome.
  20. Some years later it was produced under the name Fiat X1/9.
  21. Me too.I don't know where is, but I like to take some pictures from it.
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    Yes with smaller engine indeed.I like the removable top!Video link..
  23. wheres the 600gtb jdklingon was talking about
  24. Sarcasm? It's so #$%#ing bad.

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