Ferrari Convertible Conversions

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by bernhard153, May 21, 2009.

  1. Ferrari 400 Cabriolet by Stramann

    Ferrari BB512i GTS by Mardikian Engineering (1981)

    Ferrari BB512i Convertible by ???

    Ferrari Testarossa Spider by Koenig-Specials

    >>just post more, if you got any pics!
  2. All conversions made by Straman

    Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider conversion

    Ferrari 456 Spider conversion

    Ferrari 512TR Spider conversion
  3. The white Boxer is by Lorenz & Rankl.
  4. COUNTACH owns the 512TR y think
  5. The 456 is HAWT.

    Everything else just doesn't look right.

    And with the Daytona...why?
  6. yeah he does and it used to be mike tyson's.
  7. the 456 is perfect
  8. Testarossa Spyder is so #$%#ing HOT!
  9. Ferrari 550 maranello Convertible by Straman

    Ferrari F512 M Spider

    Ferrari Testarossa Spider
  10. The 456 looks nice.
  11. Mike Sheehan also did a few back in the early 90s.
  12. Anyone know who did the 550 Spider conversion.
  13. Straman and offcourse Pininfarina with their butt-ugly Barchetta
  14. And i think Pininfarina also did the 550 Spider Speciale for the Sultan of Brunei
  15. I know one was done by a company in the US but can't remember who.
  16. The 512 is the same car as in your 2nd post (wrongly labeled 512TR).
  17. aka The Slutmobile
  18. Whats so special about 550 convertibles? What about the 550 Barchetta?
  19. the 1st and the 2nd pic shows the 550 convertible made for the sultan of brunei. it's got a hardtop like the MB SLK, and a modified rear view.
    the 3rd and 4th pic shows the 550 maranello barchetta pininfarina.
  20. I have a powerfull lust for that 456
  21. why? they only made 123 REAL Daytona spiders, and plenty more Coup├ęs, so for a lot of people it's a cheap way to have a spider.
  22. thanks for the comparison
  23. like SLK? is it just me or is that a actual SLK roof? ate least part o it, the shape looks just right. Anyone have a idea?
  24. yeah looks like it to me
  25. ferrari 456 spider made by ???

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