Ferrari Enzo at Mas du Clos circuit !

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    Discover this superb and fantastic video of the famous Turbo emission of the M6 channel of French television, which carried out the test of Enzo Ferrari on the circuit Mas du Clos of Pierre Bardinon, by aillor the enzo tested it is his !


    Click on video on this page :

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    The link does not work! Please fix it.

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    Click on the Home Page and follow the enzo, then, click on video.

    Home page :
  5. why isn't hte Carrera GT video working?? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. I can't believe the sound the Enzo makes. I haven't seen another video that even came close to replicating the rawness that the audio from this vid does.
  7. too bad I cant watch it, do I need sun Java reinstalled to watch this?
  8. That track is unforgiving. Been there a few times..and its amazing.
  9. I still can't see the Carrera GT video!!!
  10. its deff worth figurin out what the problem is to watch these vids.
  11. uh holy shit.....CGT sounds like a freaking F1 car....
  12. Both cars sound amazing in those videos.
  13. they do sound amazing!
  14. damn Ferrari is a Ferrari after all.
  15. Red blooded horse. damn this car knows how to scream.

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