Ferrari Enzo vs Koenigsegg CC 8S

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    If I had to choose between the Ferrari Enzo vs Koenigsegg CC 8S i would pick the Koenigsegg CC 8S only because of the looks there stats are so close it wouldnt matter also because I dont really like Ferrari that much beause it seems to main stream if you asked any little kid what there fav car is they would say Ferrari and if you asked them how they move they would say NOS.
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    Enzo, has the looks and the performance.
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    Every other site/mag i've seen said that the egg(as yssman said) had an est. 0-60 of 3.2 and a top speed of 231 but mayb i'm wrong. Road and track said the enzo had a 0-60 of 3.28(rounded to 3.3) with a top speed of 217, while the egg has an estimated 231. And i would take a Saleen S7 of the enzo any day. It's got a 6 speed manual, a rearview camera(which is cool), a more liveable interior, sweet looks,$200 000 less and is built by Saleen and it's american that keeps up w/ 1 of the best italians. I luv the Saleen S7 so it would get my vote, and the egg gets mine against the enzo. But i still luv the Enzo
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    I think the Enzo would beat the Koenigsegg on the track but the Koenigsegg has the: looks, top speed, 0-60, quarter mile, bhp/liter, and better for the price. Overall i think the Koenigsegg would eat the enzo! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I choose the Enzo
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    Egg wins!
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    the Koe would out perform the Enzo by far, id be tough but id take the enzo because its more comemorative to the almighty enzo ferrari, and just because its a ferrari.
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    The CC8s is what i would have to have, becuase i think that it looks better than the enzo.
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    True. I HATE Enzos.

    Ugly Ferrari crap
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    we all kno that the CC8s big sis, the CCR would beat the enzo, and for these 2, i think the CC8s is the better by just a lil bit
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    as long as you're comparing these rather different cars, why not throw in the ccr, it's just a little more powerful. It would beat either car, but between the cc 8s and enzo, it would be very tight.
    Some magazine should run a comparison test.
  12. The Ferrari Enzo is built to offer road-going F1 Technology. The Koenigsegg CC8S is built to offer the most racing technology has to offer from a non-F1 arena. Few things to take into consideration.

    Whether you are a fan of it or not, anyone ever seen the Gumball 3000? If you haven't, it's essentially a "Rally" across 3000 miles of public roads. Yes it's dangerous and it puts people's lives in danger with 150 super-cars racing across at break-neck speeds. One year, it was held from San Francisco to Miami and one lucky rich-boy had a Koenigsegg CC8S. Now, I suggest you buy the video just for the purpose of seeing the Koenigsegg CC8S and it's HORRIBLE reliability rate. It broke down multiple times over a 6 day period and had to be repaired by a Mechanical Crew of workers that was following the rich-boy in their own "pit on wheels".

    Now, take the latest race in 2004, two Ferrari Enzo's participated and no Koenigseggs, apparently the guy from the previous Gumball sold his due to all the annoyances that were occuring. One Enzo was Yellow, the other Red. Sadly the inferior driver of the red Enzo wrecked it, but the Yellow driver was quite good and was able to reach speeds of 366km/h in the Enzo! That's 226.92 mph for everyone else.

    As for practicality, it seems the Enzo is the better runner, as long as the driver is competent. Now let both companies take their cars to the track, Ferrari and Koenigsegg, they each get to pick their own driver. Hmm, I think Ferrari has Schumacher in mind? And whomever Koenigsegg comes up with, and they have it off with one another. Now that's fair isn't it? Or is everyone finally going to admit that Schumacher is the greatest driver in the world and that's unfair? All I say is, the best of Ferrari is rolled up into the Enzo, including test drives by Michael Schumacher himself.

    As tested by Top Gear, the Koenigsegg CC8S is a BEAST to drive, it's totally unforgiving and a work out. Tiff driving the Enzo thought it did what it was meant to do, go around the circuits faster than anyone else. Now as for the test drive at Top Gear, the Koenigsegg has been beaten by ( least time to most time ): Pagani Zonda C12S, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 360CS, Porsche 911 GT3RS, Mercedes SLR McLaren and the Porsche Carrera GT is the fastest of all. Sadly they haven't gotten to test an Enzo at the track yet, but don't fret, they will soon enough. The difference between the Murcielago, Zonda and Koenigsegg CC8S was only a tenth or two, but the differences from the others were 1 second or more.

    As for Top Speed, that really means absolutely.. NOTHING. If you're even able to find enough road or circuit to keep ahead at 250MPH it ain't going to be for long.

    The clear winner here is the Ferrari Enzo. Whether you like it or not. Come on, the Ferrari 360CS is a better around-the-track car and common sense says the Enzo is LOADS better.
  13. i think the Koenigsegg is better car period, ferrari loses this one
  14. I'd already be happy to just take either car out on the road in my home town to roar down the main street...
  15. I disagree. I think the Enzo is sexier, but I'd take this car over the Enzo without doubt.
  16. read this
  17. cc8s comes very close to the enzo. cc8s was made by a very small company established in 1994 compare to ferrari which has 60 years of racing history. even enzo wins this time but cc8s gets the plus
  18. yea it is close, but look what the Koenigsegg did with a V8 to the Enzos V12
  19. well it does not matter what track they race on i think the cc8 would win becuase it has adjustable suspension. Has the same breaking as the enzo ok so the breaks are not as good but its lighter so its about the same. its more airodynamic then the enzo. has faster top speed and 0-60.

    theres nothing more to say apart form the looks but they are dependent on everyones own tast.

    Ohh and the roof comes off the cc8. weeeeeee!!

    ohh yeh and its alot cheaper.
  20. lol and 1/4 mile of 10s lol !!!!! and lol some more!
  21. enzo is better by a little bit but it cost 3 times as much
  22. i would go with the Koenigsegg CC 8S all the way
  23. i would go with the Koenigsegg CC 8S all the way
  24. i would go with the Koenigsegg CC 8S all the way

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