Ferrari F1 turbo sound

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  1. More proof its an LMP1 car.
  2. just had a listen, that sounds pretty awful + thats not f1, thats more likely, what burner said, their lmp1
  3. Which is running the 2014 F1 engine. That's why they are thinking about doing LMP1, under the new rules it can use the F1 engine.
  4. theres a lovely thing about test cars and different exhausts to fool ears of people.
  5. Ferrari doesn't need to be embarrassed by both Audi and Porsche in 2014 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  6. How could they possibly have an LMP program set to launch? Audi and Porsche have already had their cars testing for months, especially Audi with that Monza test late last year. Ferrari said 2015
  7. He's not very intelligent. Don't worry.
  8. Yeah I kinda realized who I was saying that to as I typed it.....fUckit
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    So, an article where it says "Reports that they are testing their F1 engine are incorrect" leads you to believe that the opposite is true?
  11. Yes, exactly. This is Ferrari, there is an implied meaning. Also people who have inside knowledge over at FerrariChat are saying absolutely no way Ferrari are running or even planning an LMP1 program.
  12. It's not Ferrari saying it, it's the journalist making a story out of a press release from ages ago.

    Your logic is this:
    They said they aren't doing it = They are doing it
    They said they are doing it = They are doing it

    We shall see, less than three weeks to go before we see and hear 2014 cars on a track.
  13. Yeah, Ferrari is denying this is an F1 engine testing.

    At the same time they say they might field an LMP1 program in 2015.

    Under F1 rules you are not allowed to test the new F1 engine on the track until the first text at the end of the month.

    People with inside knowledge say that despite Monte's proclamation of an LMP1 program, it will never happen.

    If you join the dots, its diffusion, smoke and mirrors. A ruse to legitimately run their new engine on the track.

    That being said, they may still field an LMP1 team, I don't know much about endurance racing, but it is my understanding that the new breed of F1 engines are eligible to compete.
  14. So, what you're saying is...

    They could be testing their F1 engine
    They could be testing their LMP1 engine
    They won't field an LMP1 entry
    They will probably field an LMP1 entry.

    When the truth finally comes out, you'll come back to this and say "See, I'm right."
    It's like tossing a coin, and picking both faces as your choice.
  15. No, what I am saying is:

    They are testing an F1 engine.

    The LMP1 cars of the future can use F1 engines (as per my understanding).

    Ferrari insiders say that they won't make an LMP1 program and its an elaborate ruse to circumvent F1 testing regulations.

    I say, they have gone to a lot of effort to test the engine that can be used for both, so why not. Im sure they are hedging their bets.

    In other news apparently Renault has done the same, in a FR3.5 chassis.
  16. Just leave it at this : Any additional testing an F1 team can get in under the radar, meaning not in their real car where testing rules are so stringent...the better. If you're surprised or skeptical that manufacturers are stuffing their new engines in all sorts of cars then you're an idiot.
  17. It's a nice loophole and Ferrari wouldn't be Ferrari if they didn't exploit it. It could be the F1 engine, but not full-spec, so that can be denied as well by Ferrari.
  18. This thread a great example of pride #$%#ing with you. 2 guys too proud to not have the last word, end up wasting way too much of their time with multiparagraphs.
  19. I agree, its immature always trying to have the last word.
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  21. I disagree.
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    It's not being immature, you have proven that the car at Fiorano has the same engine as the F1 car. But I do like the overrun sound on braking, its awesome (it powers the ERS). What is most concerning about these cars, is, if you can believe the figures that Engine manufacturers are putting out, then these cars are considerably less powerful than the V8s they replaced.

    2014= 600hp + 180hp

    2013=750hp + 80hp
  23. They sound completely different when accelerating.
  24. I'm not seeing how that is hard to believe. Less capacity, less revs, less power. Seems quite basic really.

    Those are also more than likely the low boost levels that have been set for efficiency.

    And it's 160 from the ERS
  25. I disagree taking into account the different exhaust config. I don't think we will ever solve this, because Ferrari aren't going to tell us. As far as I know, Ferrari only have 2 turbo engines in development, a ~3-4litre V8 for the new California and the 1.6 V6 for F1 (and possibly lemans).

    Also possible news that they are bringing Schumacher out of his coma with positive results so far.

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