Ferrari F1 turbo sound

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by webber f1 racer, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. One thing though is that they have much more torque than previous years. So now, mid-corner, where before they could keep the throttle floored, they have to be careful and precise or spin out.
  2. Yeah, there have been a few spins and accidents in testing because of this, but I don't think torque makes up for such a lack in power, especially in F1. F1 has traditionally been a high hp/lower torque formula, now its a low hp/mid torque series. The cars have always been light, now for a single seater, they are heavy. They are making big mistakes in my mind. I mean a Gp2 engine makes similar to F1 hp now (without the ERS). That's not cool. I bet the DW12 is faster than F1 cars around most tracks now. That is definitely not cool. Indy cars have always been slower than F1 cars around circuits.
  3. The main reason why we're having more torque is because of the 15,000 RPM rev restriction. This means the cylinders can afford to have a longer stroke rather than wider bore, which increases rotational inertia but provides more torque.

    In a straight line torque makes virtually no difference with F1 cars' performance, but it will have a big impact on driveability mid-corner. Hopefully it will serve to reward driver skill.
  4. Lol DW12s will not be as fast as any of these F1 cars. The 2.2L engines run 550-750hp and the cars weigh 701kg. I don't even know why I'm attempting to argue with burner but still, there will be as ever, a significant difference in pace between F1 and Indy. They're built to be fast in different ways.
  5. So the DW12 have the same power, weigh the same and have potentially more downforce (Im not sure of downforce levels, but new F1 cars have significantly less downforce than last year) They likely have more torque from higher capacity engine, but the F1 cars have better gearboxes. The F1 cars were massively slower than last year, Massa did a 1:17.8 in 2013, Magnussen did a 1:23.2, that is 5 seconds slower. The DW12 is significantly faster than the old Panoz. If its slower, I doubt there would be much in it. Last year it beat the F1 track record at Laguna Seca.

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