Ferrari F40 Barchetta Michelotto

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  1. ive never even heard of this until now. does anyone have any moe pics of it
  2. that is something Michelotto would do. I think it had black 5 spokes before and was yellow, red and white?
  3. wtf at side exhaust and the amount of venturi ducts, i'm debating whether it's a kit car
  4. *NACA ducts
  5. Its not Michelotto who did it . I think its a Belgian racing team , it does have a LM engine though.
  6. kitcaR? This is NOT a kitcar.
    Not even close.
  7. well the quality is shit
  8. #79890 - 1989 Michelotto, No. Uno, IMSA spec.
    conversion done by Ch. Pozzi/France

    79890 September 1989. Factory prototype. Sold to Jean Sage for Ferrari France.
    1989 IMSA GT Championship:
    Laguna Seca 1 Hour (Alesi) 3rd
    Del Mar 1 Hour (Jabouille) DNF
    1990 IMSA GT Championship:
    Road America 1 Hour (Jabouille) 2nd
    Watkins Glen 500 (Haywood / Ferte) 2nd
    Lime Rock 300 (Jabouille / Van de Poele) 9th
    January 1991 delivered to Pozzi, France.
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  10. I think OrangeF1LM's avatar pic is pretty close to the top of the list
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    F40 LM - 1989 & '90 IMSA GT Seasons

    By the late 1980's, GT racing was practically non-existent in Europe. Group B had been scrapped earlier in the decade and the World Manufacturers Championship was strictly the domain of Group C sportscars. This left only a handful of arenas where the F40 could prove itself. The first two LM's were sold to Jean Sage of Ferrari France who decided to campaign his cars in the IMSA GT series, the GTO class of which was dominatd by highly modified Mercury Cougar XR7's, Nissan 300 ZX's and Chevy Camaro's.

    Running a 3-litre engine in the GTO class dictated a 100lb weight penalty be levied while the LM's twin turbochargers had to use 38mm restrictors on the induction systems. Despite the prototype (chassis 79890) having first tested at Fiorano back in October 1988, it wasn't until a year later that the car made its competitive debut in the hands of Jean Alesi. A hot talent in F1 and future Grand Prix winner for Ferrari, Alesi qualified third for the one hour race at Laguna Seca, Round 11 of the championship. Despite leading the opening few laps, with his blistering Pirelli's Alesi could do nothing to stop Audi's awesome 90 Quattro's. Eventually finishing a fine third, this was to be Alesi's solitary outing in the F40, Jean Pierre Jabouille deputising in October for another one hour race, this time at Del Mar. Unfortunately, the French ace failed to finish as after qualifying seventh, he retired on the tenth lap with mechanical problems. Having shown a good turn of speed in their first two outings, Ferrari France were back with the F40's for Round 3 of the 1990 championship at Topeka in Kansas where with a new car (chassis 79891), Jabouille qualified fourth for the two hour event. Things began well with team-mate Schlesser leading the field away after a superb start, but running wide into a corner dropped him back to fourth where he stayed before eventually retiring in a ploom of smoke after 31 laps, an oil seal breaking on one of the turbos. Next up, Mid Ohio saw Olivier Grouillard join Jabouille for the 250km race.

    Starting from second, the French pair went on to finish third and having demonstrated much potential, Sage's all-French outfit were rewarded with sponsorship from 0123 and Art Sports, both cars running a new livery from Round 5, the Mosport Grand Prix. Jacques Laffite and Hurley Haywood qualified sixth and finished second in Canada for the LM's best result yet. Elkhart Lake's Road America 1 Hour event saw Jabouille qualify 5th in 79890 and lead for much of the race in extremely wet conditions. However, being passed during the closing laps denied the LM a famous victory while Ferte ran 79891 and having qualified ninth, he retired after just six laps with mechanical problems. For New York's Watkins Glen 500, Haywood and Ferte qualified 79890 second and went on to make it back-to-back finishes in the runners up spot. At Lime Rock, Jabouille and Van de Poele ran 79890 with a high compression engine featuring titanium con rods and a lightweight crankshaft but this was to no avail as, having qualified fifth, the pair were unable to finish higher than ninth after a spate of minor problems. Hurley Haywood had qualified seventh in 79891 but retired after 37 laps with engine trouble.

    These were to be the LM's last appearances in the IMSA GT series and what could have been a championship winning opportunity was lost due to a lack of sponsorship and factory assistance. Both 79890 and 79891 were put into storage and it seemed that the F40 LM's competition career had come to an abrupt end.


    so, #79890 was a race car and the conversion including the new paint job must have been done later
  13. that does look #$%#ing sexy btw.
  14. only one-off conversion based on one out of only two IMSA race cars ever made
  15. I'd take this over a 333SP
  16. I�d love to have a street-legal 333 SP
  17. wouldnt we all? YES
  18. This isn't a conversion, this was a brand new frame made by a Belgian team
  19. Is this and the Jean Blaton car the same one? I thought the JB wasn't a real F40...
  20. yes, it is.
    chassis is bepoke made, engine + drivetrain is michelotto tuned F40.

    used to be red/white, now resprayed yellow
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    these should work now

    Prototype was made in 1993
    Base car was a F40 LM IMSA.
    Assembly was made at the Tony Gillet factory (ex-F1 driver and builder of the "Vertigo").
    Chassis/Body in one piece of Carbon fiber
    Body by Michelotto - no serial number (number is JB001 for Jean Blaton 001).
    Engine tuned by Michelotto.
    Electronic injection Weber-Marelli IAW.
    2 turbos IHI with 2 intercoolers Behr, pressure : 2.5 bars.
    Power : 760 HP at 7 800 rpm
    Gearbox : Enforced Hewland 5-Gears + reverse (Crabots).
    Weight : 800 Kgs.
    Wheels : Speedline 17" with GoodYear Tires.
    Max speed : 360 Kmh.
    Car was auctionned as "Jean Blaton prototype"
    Not Sold at €180000 Cars Collection: Jean Blaton and Mauriès Collection, Artcurial - Briest - Poulain Le Fur - Paris (13th February 2005).

    Jean Blaton aka "Beurlys" was a famous Belgian pilot (Third at Le Mans 1967 on a 330P4).
  22. I've seen it irl at Zolder before the respray.
  23. lucky bastard

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