Ferrari F40 destroyed by fire for only 25k

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    burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    colour RED
    drive LHD
    type Spare parts
    year 1992
    mileage 40.234 km / 25.000 mi
    price 13.435 GBP
    VAT Yes (5%)
    Netprice 12.796 GBP
    country Japan


  2. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    i wonder wich parts are still in good condition...
  3. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    Just a bit rough and ready, surely TSCM would fix it for me because we're such good mates. Right? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A> hahah
  4. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    you buy that I guarantee you'll have the coolest F40 rim tables in the Netherlands.

    just by looking at the photos I'd guess it would need in excess of 500k dollars to fix back to working order if Ferrari would be so kind as to make a new chassis for it.
  6. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    Does Ferrari make replacement parts for the F40 per special order?
  7. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    Ferrari Classiche

    but any Ferrari dealer or even independent Ferrari workshop (Modena Motorsport, Hietbrink, Cunningahm) can do a fully restoration
  8. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

  9. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    yes. they pretty well make parts for everything they've ever sold (or they've got a supply company that makes the parts to factory original specs for them). their program isn't as good as Porsches but at least its in place.
  10. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    That will buff out, iam sure.
  11. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    I got dibs on the wheels.
  12. burnt Ferrari F40 for only 25k

    makes my stomach turn like looking at a dead body
  13. type Spare parts lol
  14. I'd dump it in my front yard to piss off the neighbors, but then I'd be all like "But it's a Ferrari!" I'd probably put it up on blocks too.
  15. WIN
  16. man thats so sad, did the fire melt the engine block?? but not the frame?
  17. Tell your dad to buy it, send it to Ferrari so they bring it back to life.
  18. Nope. If you look closely to the third picture, you'll see the valve covers with the spark plug holes. Only the plastic and composite parts said bye bye... Nonetheless, it's always sad to see such a glorious piece of machinery ending like that...
  19. Why do so many exotics set on fire all the time? Seriously, it's super rare for any normal car to catch fire as far as I am aware. Why the exotics? And why almost always the Ferrari's?

    Or does no one care to take a picture when normal cars are on fire?
  20. I think it is partly the way the owners who treat them bad. I am in no war saying that everyone who owns an exotic car drives hard but some people do. If they don't crash then their car flames up.
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    Most rear engine cars have higher temps in the engine bay for starters. Also, most of these cars aren't driven very much, if a car is only driven a few times a year, rubber hoses and seals tend to deteriorate or become hard. Also, its probably still close to being proportional to other cars, if not less. When was the last time you browsed
  22. I want to buy just so I can do that. Too bad I don't have 25k to blow on a paperweight.
  24. would be much too expensive to get it fixed

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