Ferrari F40 or My 1990 SHO

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by Compaq, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The only thing my SHO would beat this car is that it wouldn't kill me when im going soooooooooo fast in a ferrari, and its a four seater. ---***did this when really bored ***---<!-- Signature -->
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    What's a SHO?another japanese crappy car?
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    No it's actually a Ford Taurus. Yes that's right a Ford.
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    No, its a Ford Turus with a 220hp Yamah engine. SHO stands for Super-High-Output, I think.
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    hey, I got a better idea, how about my 1996 Chrysler Concorde vs. your Ford Taurus SHO. My car has 214 horsepower 3.5L engine, which is alot like your car.
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    and with that, i say SHO all the way. the concorde is a car for a retired guy in florida. the SHO is for the mid aged, gotta-get- respect-from-my-teenaged-son-so-i-gotta-go-fast type car. but for looks and perfomance, regardless of its still slightly vanilla styling, i go for the SHO. the wife wont complain its not practical, but it still performs well enough and turns some heads.

    however keep in mind im speaking of the last made SHO. as for the 1990, those moved pretty well too, and i do turn while they drive by.
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    In the S.H.O. owners defense, my friend Nick owned on of these and they shouldn't really be called a Taurus. Ford should've pulled a Celica-Supra style split and made the S.H.O. it's own model. Because seriously they are alot faster than most people think.
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    whats the specs on that crap? sho
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    my buddys dad has one of those things they r not that great the engine is in there all wrong the v 8 in in the sideways u cant even change the spark plugs with out a whole bunch of work and also they r not that fast i guss for the money they r ok but other then that they r really not all that fast at all
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    I don't know, but I'd think a crappy Japanese car too... Good guess, man.
  11. 1990sho vs my 1993 honda accord ex
  12. well the V8 came out with the round "styled by air" Taurus and was never available with a 5spd the 3.0 V6 in the old SHO was actually significantly faster with mid to low 6 to 100 kph which for an early 90's sedan is astounding
  13. SHO, without a doubt.
  14. SHO.zzzzzzzz=?zzzzzzzza???????????????????????????????????????????????

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