Ferrari F430 VS Audi R8

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    which would you take?
  2. f430 jus to rub my elbow at viperalley douches
  3. Ferrari by a mile
  4. LOL @ viperalley reference


    that invasion was hilarious.
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    +1 for avatar, I watched that episode tonight
  6. F430 easily.
  7. it's the worst avatar ever
  8. The R8 gets raped.
  9. R8 since it's not a finicky fiat
  10. if it was the V10 R8, then the R8, but F430 due mainly to its MUCH superior performance.
  11. Never gave a crap about the F430, nor the 360. Saw a yellow F430 spider the other day,sure it's fast, but holy is it ugly.
  12. Oh yea I'd take an R8.
  13. The R8 is a VW Bug.
  14. Ever taken a look at a VW Bug? Clarkson certainly has a point in comparing Porsches to Bugs but that does not work on R8s. The R8 rather is a NSU TT from a historical point of view or, from the looks, a DKW Monza, maybe.
  15. I think after the novelty of the 430 has worn off, I'll be happy I chose the R8.
  16. Nice try, dolt..
  17. Nice one....The supercar equivalent of a tanning bed and a mexican poolboy with a bottle of KY.

    Get a room
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  19. And when the novelty of the R8 wears off, you're stuck with an Audi instead of a Ferrari.

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