Ferrari F450 prototype widened and scooped

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  1. The car codenamed F142 is going to be the Ferrari F450, successor to the current F430. Set on a modified F430 chassis with a wider front and rear track, the new car looks evolutionary but the changes aren't insubstantial. A 4.5-liter engine will be placed amidships, and its expected 500+ horsepower will need extra cooling. That means larger intakes, perhaps all around. In back, the exhaust could be routed through the large aperture in the diffuser. The car could be shown as early as this year's Frankfurt Auto Show, with the coupe going on sale as early as next year, with Scuderia and convertible versions following.
  2. heart the wheels
  3. !!!

    Why can't they just launch smth with them? It's not the first time they're being used either..
  4. meh the wheels are ok you could prob find a nice set that look just like thos or go to a C&C shop with a pic and be like can you make me these rims, it will cost you but dam
  5. lol at third pic middle finger
  6. nick11 is really really #$%#ing dumb...sorry if this is old news, i guess I'm not on the site enough
  7. why are all you idiots #%!@ing about the rims?
    they are 355 challenge rims
    it's a friggin prototype, they use older/known stuff to have the car blend in more
  8. Those aren't 355 Challenge rims...
  9. CNC not C "and" C...
  10. LOVE tha air scoops, NOT
  11. Who's #%!@ing? I said heart for a reason.
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    Ferrari F142 (2009): new V8 sports car scooped

    By Tim Pollard

    26 February 2009 19:32

    We've scooped these close-up spyshots of the new Ferrari F142 – the new junior Ferrari V8 which will replace the F430 in the range in autumn 2009. This engineering mule, sporting the newcomer's hardware under bastardised current-gen 430 bodywork, was on winter test in the snows of Sweden.

    These spyshots have just landed on our wires and confirm that the F142 will stick closely with the formula set by its predecessors. The Ferrari V8 has swollen over the years, from F355, to F360 to F430 – and the new junior supercar will again have a V8 slung amidships, driving the rear wheels. But this new Ferrari will be a techfest unlike any other...

    Ferrari's new V8: clothes by Modena, heart by Silicone Valley?

    Not quite, but Maranello is throwing its entire technical might at the new 2010 model. We're not clear yet on the exact engine details, but some observers speculate the flat-plane crank eight will swell to 4.5 litres prompting rumours of an F450 badge. Others insist that Ferrari will downsize and engineering chiefs have openly told us that smaller, turbocharged engines are showroom-bound.

    We do know that direct injection will be fitted and Ferrari is working closely with supplier Bosch on the set-up. The new California coupe-convertible had the same fuel system and it's one way the company can lower emissions and consumption while maintaining the power characteristics of the screaming V8.

    We'll update this story as we harvest more facts from our circle of confidants, but power is set to top 500bhp, driving the rear wheels through a version of the seven-speed twin-clutch box that impressed us so much on the California. We've been predicting the end of manual-boxed Ferraris for some time...

    A cleaner Ferrari? Sounds like the Mille Chili concept!

    Bullseye. This car won't be as radical as some of the thinking in the eco Ferrari Mille Chili concept, but it's certainly stepping in that direction. Expect more lightweight materials to feature in the 142 road car and we'd predict that light weight, slippery aero and those engine/transmission mods will account for a decent 25% cut in emissions from today's 345g/km of CO2.

    That seventh gear is likely to be an overdrive, to make this scarlet Ferrari a definite shade of green, while active aero flaps will ease air-cleaving and – inevitably – Ferrari is working on a roadgoing link for the F1 KERS system of energy recuperation, albeit not for a few years.

    Let's hope that Ferrari is doing enough keep its road cars relevant in this new straitened world. More, perhaps, than BMW whose high-performance X5 M is caught behind the 142 in our first spyshot!

  13. this could be sweet if they fix the weakass front intakes
  14. lmao good eye i didnt even see it untill you pointed it out
  15. This car will be amazing!
  16. I want less weight, not more power.
  18. I want a bio-diesel prancing horse. That way I can pretend to give a f uck about the environment.
  19. loooooooooooooool
  20. I know that there is probably nothing about this mule that gives away any of the final design, but I wtf is up with the tail lights? they went out of their way to make them like that...
  21. its going to be lighter then the f430 and more powerful as ferrai is going the weight saving direction with all of the new cars
  22. A lot of excitement about a mule. I am guessing that this is an engine mule due to all the extra scoops and air vents.

    I do hope that when they come to show the styling of the car they do a better job than the last two generations. I know the Ferrari faithful will always defend their brand but the 360 and the 430 have left me cold as far as styling is concerned. Bring back the 355!
  23. I've somehow grown to really really like the 360 design lately. I always thought it was nice and inoffensive but nothing special until recently. Maybe it's because I've had to look at the 430's design the last few years... I just dont dig that at all.

    Of course I would cream to own one, but on the totem pole of supercar design, that thing is playing ground support.

    And yes, 355 is all-time awesome.

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