Ferrari F450 test mule caught in spy footage

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    Catching a glimpse inside Ferrari's top-secret Fiorano test track in Maranello is a rare treat. Catching a developmental test mule for an upcoming supercar on video is another matter entirely. But as Ferrari prepares for the anticipated debut of the successor to its F430, the proverbial cat was bound to leap out of the bag.

    You'll find the full video after the jump, where you'll be able to discern a few key differences between this and the F430 it replaces. We won't speculate on the cosmetics, as those will all have changed by the time the veil is lifted in Frankfurt, but there are a few mechanical giveaways worth noting. The big air intakes protruding from the rear end, along with the larger exhaust pipes, should help the enlarged, direct-injection V8 eclipse even the 430 Scuderia's 520-horsepower output. A redline approaching 10,000 rpm should also help the cause, which could be managed by the California's seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to replace the F1-style robotized manual. Follow the jump to watch the footage for yourself.

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  2. Car and Driver says it'll be known as the f500, and will boast a better than 550hp v8 while maintaining or even improving on scuderia's light weight. Given the leap in performance between the f360 and f430, I would be surprised if they settle for anything less than what C and D claims.

    what I'm more interested in is the f70--which should be making its debut in the next 18 months.
  3. Most of the American auto mags are garbage and any rumor/upcoming car info they post should be taken with a grain of salt. I'd imagine the new Ferrari to be something in that range, but they've #$%#ed up way too many stories for me to really believe them anymore.
  4. I'm just starting to like the F430.
  5. Well, if the American press's treatment of the so-called swine flu--which is about 15 times worse at killing people than the standard annual strain that comes around every winter--is any indication of the accuracy of our car magazines, your skepticism is justified.
  6. Autoweek in particular is just #$%#ing terrible...
  7. Car And Driver

    The list goes on.
  8. Looks horrible
  9. STFU idiot. Its disguised. ugh
  10. 1998: 360 Modena spied "Looks horrible, F355 is beautiful"
    2003: F430 spied "Looks horrible, 360 Modena is beautiful"
    2009: F450 spied "Looks horrible, F430 is beautiful"
    Everytime the same thing....
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  11. LOL but true
  12. +1
  13. It's called evolution.
  14. or "looks horrible, F355 is beautiful" every time
  15. haha, I've only ever thought the F355 looks good. But it's like me with the LP640, it took the Reventon to make me think the LP640 looked good.
  16. The car is done, they are just testing wiring and shit in these mules
  17. This is the truth.
  18. Exactly. It has been said years ago but nobody could hear shit because there was a loud noise of people screaming "there has been no good looking Ferrari since the 355..."
    This is so true and it just shows the real quality of the Ferrari designs.
    the F430 is 5 years old and looks like it came yeasterday. The 360 is 10 years old and apart from the headlights it's just perfect....
  19. troll, troll, troll your boat...
  20. Gently down the stream.
  21. Performance should be staggereing. I have recently heard that Ferrari is considerign keeping the 6 speed manual as an option as a hard core group of owners are continuing to demand it.
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    German media the latest information the disclosure of the Ferrari F450: 585 horsepower, million to the engine
    大 | 中 | 小 Large | China | Small [ 2009/05/15 17:25 | [2009/05/15 17:25 | ty ] TY]

    法拉利F450将在年末的法兰克福车展正式发布新一代F450,德国媒体也率先发布F450的部分情报及电脑假想图。 Ferrari F450 will be the end of the official release of the Frankfurt Motor Show a new generation of F450, the German media have published the first part of the F450 and computer intelligence imaginary map. 德国AMS表示,法拉利F450将搭载4.5L V8自然吸气引擎,最大功率输出约为550至585ps,引擎转速将达到10,000rpm;传动系统采用与California相同的七前速双离合波箱,并沿用MR驱动布局;F450的车身长度及宽度亦会比F430略为加大,来自F1赛车的KERS能量回收系统则未必会装备到F450身上。 German AMS said that the Ferrari F450 will be equipped with naturally aspirated 4.5L V8 engine, maximum power output of about 550 to 585ps, engine speed will reach 10,000 rpm; with the California transmission system using the same seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and follows MR drive layout; F450 body length and width will be slightly greater than the F430, F1 car from the KERS energy recovery systems and equipment may not be found to the F450. 法拉利F450的消息自去年末传出后,全球媒体发布了多款假想图,您又更喜欢哪款的设计呢? Ferrari F450 at the end of the news reports last year, the global media publish a variety of imaginary map, you prefer this kind of design?

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