Ferrari F458 Italia

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  1. Max torque:

    "La coppia massima è di 540 Nm a 6000 giri/minuto, di cui più dell’80% è disponibile fin dai 3250 giri/minuto"
  2. i'm positively impressed
  3. 1380 Kgs, 7 gears, 570 HP, 540 Nm torque...

    I think 0-200 Kph in 10.5 seconds range.. standing Km in low 20 seconds.

    = Enzo's performances.
  4. 432Nm @ 3,250rpm
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  5. 127hp/liter. That's an impressive combo. Very impressive in fact.
  6. homerun
  7. high res
  8. Are these real pictures of the car or computer generated? cuz they don't look real.
  9. 432Nm @ 3,250rpm
    540Nm @ 6,000rpm
    445Nm @ 9,000rpm
  10. Pretty awesome.
  11. wow looks amazing
  12. Its a soft edged baby enzo!!! Its going to kick ass!!!!!!

    Amazing styling along with amazing F1 tech!!!!!
  13. #$%#ing hell, here they come.

    i like that a lot and it's got to be fairly close from what we have seen so far. i don't even mind the tailights. the front is a bit weird but i sort of like that too.
  14. ...surely Nissan'll answer to Ferrari: GT-R MY10/bis: +9 Nm, new setup, new tyres, -6s @ Nurbur....
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  15. Looks like an Enzo. Not really digging the taillights but everything else is good.
  16. so lambo comes with the LP560 and Ferrari's new car then has 570 hp? what was all that talk about ferrari getting ahead with technology and racing innovation? lol.

    the car looks good from the rear and side. the front is hideous. it was about time, the F430 was getting its ass handed to it by the LP560.
  17. Who cares? Lamborghini is down in sales about will probably be bankrupt in a few years.

    Besides the LP560 should top the 430. The 430 is old tech now. After numerous tries with several different incarnations of the same car they finally got it right. But then again the 430 Scud #%[email protected] slaps the LP560.

    458 Italia!!!!!!
  18. hahahaha

    try F430 scuderia vs LP560
  19. PS the LP560 and the next look alike to replace it are now irrelevant. LOL!!!!!!

    458 Italia!!!!!!!
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  21. 9000rpm is awesome

    The looks, not so much
  22. Taillights remind me of the Infiniti G35.
  23. Oh shut the #$%# up! Whining little lambo #%[email protected]!

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