Ferrari F458 Italia

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dolinc, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Oh and this will be epic!
  2. that looks seriously good, very compact
  3. I think I actually might like a modern Ferrari for once! Maybe...
  4. aint it going to be faster than the scuderia and enzo?! insane
  5. considering the first impression i had from last ferraris and comparing it to this, i really think i'll love this in a while.
  6. The performance sounds epic, but the looks are a total miss to me. Doesnt look like a ferrari, it looks like it was sketched by a grade schooler.
  7. Is a 6 speed manual still available?
  8. What the hell is with the rear? gross
  9. even if faster i'd take the gallardo over the scuderia, as i'd take this over the gallardo
  10. Looks hot. I like the big canopy. Refreshing against the modern trend toward gunslit windows. Good mix of curves and angularity in the body. I get a modern-day 246 Dino vibe from it.
  11. the sound is disappointing but I think I can finally look at a Ferrari again without being repulsed by it.
  12. what was I whining about?

    considering an LP560 gave a 610+ hp GT2 a run for its money id say the F458 might just be able to keep up with a the LP.
  13. Dissapointed in the exhaust note
  14. Like the whole car .. just hate the 3 exhaust tip :S
  15. It's funny, when I saw the pictures, I actually thought. "Innotech probably won't hate this one." Best looking ferrari in a long time. It's actually like they took the Enzo, and actually blended everything together so it looks like one cohesive car. I like the Enzo too, but it's outline was just too broken up, this flows. I also like the return to a blacked out "grill" area, rather than the two totally separate intakes.
  16. You still love comparing apples to oranges. Look the Lambaudi is a good car, but its an awd & true enthusiasts will frown upon it. Do you have any idea how many Lambaudi owners have converted their Gallardos to RWD?

    And keep up with the LP560? LOL!!!! You'll be hiding and making excuses like you were when the 430 ran circles around the Gallardo SE and the Gallardo Sleggera. The F458 is lighter, better areodynamics, better transmission. It to will run circles around the 560 & what ever Lambaudi comes with next year. If I were you I'd be hoping they can turn their sales around because obviously their is luke warm interest in Lambaudi right now at best.
  17. Troll, the Gallardo SL was faster around most tracks than the F430 if I remember correctly. Nobody likes a fanboy on either side.
  18. I dont recall any 'true enthusiasts' that frown upon a #$%#ing Gallardo
  19. ugh lambornima and iron stallion in the same thread.

    Hot car though
  20. Argh am I the only one thinking that it looks like shite ?

  21. It kind of looks odd
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    the 458 is barely any lighter than an F430. the 3050 lbs weight is dry weight. its curb weight will be closer to 250-300 lbs more.

    a 620 hp, lightened GT2 beating a LP560 by a few car lengths. ferrari will need to have done their homework to keep up with those two.
  23. Are people forgetting that the LP560 was faster than not only the regular F430, but also the scuderia...? In fact, on the top gear track, the LP560, GT2, and Ariel Atom all have the time JUST slower than the enzo.

    Scuderia however is tied with the GT-R
  24. great front
    so-so rear but im sure it will grow on me.


    worst looking interior i've seen in awhile. looks like a honda concept or something out of asia.
    3 tailpipes = major lulz. wtf!?!

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