Ferrari F458 Italia

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  1. For me, it's the best looking thing Ferrari have built since the 355.
  2. i love this new Ferrari !!!
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  4. That is seriously good looking. God job Ferrari. I'll take one in black.
  5. Man, I think I'm officially in love with this car. It's gorgeous. I haven't said that about a Ferrari since the debue of the 550 Maranello.
  6. don't really like the front, lights go up too high. don't like the 3 exhaust on rear, but other than that I like it
  7. I'm really liking this car, and it doesn't look like there's bad color on it!
  8. Its growing on me...
    Still think that its turbocharged, and that information just hasnt been released yet.
  9. The Ferrari site has pictures of the engine on it's own and it doesn't have turbos on it. I also don't think they'd be making such a big deal about the specific output if it was turbocharged, not to mention the 12.5:1 compression ratio.
  10. The rear makes me question an otherwise good design. I still think the lp560 spyder is the best modern looking car on this level though, and I'd rather have that.
  11. really starting to like this car alot.
  12. Best looking car since 550/575 in my opinion. Better looking than 360, and way better looking than 430.
  13. you know, I have to agree.
  14. Exactly my sentiment, and probably best reception to a Ferrari looks wise since the Maranello too.
  15. For lambo and ferrari owners in a vast majority you are wrong.

    Those people don't drive hard on twisty roads or on race tracks.

    And even on a track most of them put the hammer down on the straight then brake like idiots as soon as they see a corner.

  16. I havent seen a ferrari or lambo on track to date (minus the 348 racecar one guy drives) that runs faster than me in my pretty stock STi. They really do putt around. Its kinda funny because a bunch of our porsche buddies (who are very good drivers, some in grotesquely fast cars) went out to a lamborghini track day and they just ran laps around the guys and the lambo dudes got all pissy after getting whizzed past by a stock boxster and such.
  17. you're right - the lp560 is total sex. i prefer the coupe though.
  18. The fastest "regular" people I've on track are those who drive caterhams.

    And among those they are a lot of proud owner of supercars/hypercars.

    The best example I have in mind is a man who owns a F50. He drives it around spa for fun (and my ENORMOUS pleasure) and when he wants to put the hammer down he get into his 2002 CLK DTM racecar.

    The swiss dude with his black SV670 told me he will drive it on trackdays for fun then he jumped in his race caterham and climbed the raidillon without braking...

    Then you have people in track specials like GT3 and scuds followed by "regular" porsche/sportcars owners

    I don't blame people who drives "slowly" their only 200 000€ supercars because you have to own a big pair of balls to simply get on a track with those lunatics.

  19. that level of compression ration + that specific output + that rpm = NA
  20. It's quicker than the Ferrari flagship 14 years ago. Impressive.
  21. i love this car. the f430 looked nice (in my opinion) but the front headlights looked like it was a 360's headlights squinting.
  22. Maybe they are "slow" simply because they don't drive on the track that much??? Everyone is a newbie at one time or another. You have to start somewhere. If I had time to do track days all the time, I'd probably be faster in a slower car than most Ferrari drivers too.
  23. I remember when your dad and I were in the Porsche GT2 and we just blasted past a Gallardo and 360 like they were standing still. The only car really being driven competitively was a Mustang GT and it was #$%#ing quick.
  24. Thats another reason.

    Don't get me wrong I have nothing against these people.
    Without them I'd never be able to hear and see those glorious cars going round a track.
  25. All the speculation for this car was saying it'd be called the F450, but I just remembered that an F450 is a Ford truck, so they had to get more creative and do things the old way, hence 458.

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