Ferrari F50: success or failure?

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  1. I have asked a lot of people for their opinions on this great car. A lot of people considered the F50 a success and there is also a lot of people who consider the car a failure. Those who liked the F50, include my self, praised its elegant and exotic exterior design, its advanced Formula 1 technology and its impressive performance(although not as fast as a few of its competitors). Those who disliked the car called it a failure because it failed to set records in performance like the F40 once did in the 80's(Ferrari F40 had the shortest 0-60 and 1/4 mile time and had the highest top speed until the introduction of Jaguar XJ220), and it did not have any race programs like Dodge Viper and Mclaren F1. Also, they think the F50 looks ugly.

    Most pro-F50 people think Formula-1 driving experience is the car's best attribute. Personally,I believe the styling is what really made the car great. The car's appearance is stunning and elegant at the same time and its exotic appeal is unmatched even by mega-exotics like the Ferrari Enzo, Mclaren F1 LM, Lamborghini Mucielago,Porche Carrera GT and Bugatti EB16/4 Veyron.(REMEMBER,THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION,YOU GUYS MIGHT THINK DIFFERENTLY) The only car I know that looks more impressive than the Ferrari F50 is the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR.

    So, what do you guys think?
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    Well, honestly I think that with this car, Ferrari has shown a kind of "maturity", if I can say so. I mean, they realized that a childish fight for who has the fastest car, by 1 or 2 or 5 mph in top speed, is not in their spirit.

    True, there are many car enthusiasts with huge amounts of money which buy a car and spend millions on it, and they KNOW that the machine in their garage is 5 or 10 mph faster than any other vehicle; although there is a 99.99% chance they'll never even take it close to that speed.

    I think Ferrari addressed a different "breed" of people, who are not after academic differences in performance on paper, but after dynamic sensations and EXCITEMENT and driving EXPERIENCE. Although it's not a record-breaking car, it still offers performance that the vast majority of sports cars can only dream about. It still features absolutely cutting edge technology (and PLEASE, Mc Laren fans, DON'T get me started by saying the F1 is better cause it has gold foil inside the engine bay).. and it's safe to say the F50 has its place in history and nobody will be able to take it away.

    Well, that's my opinion and I hope I don't bother anyone with that. Sorry about the rather long post. To sum up, I'd like to quote from F50_rulez' signature.. with the key words in capitals:

    "The Mclaren can perch forever proudly on its lofty technical pedestal, but the F50 is half the price and MUCH more fun. If it's EXCITEMENT you are looking for (AND WHY ELSE BUY A SPORTS CAR?), there's NOTHING ON EARTH like it" - Road & Track magazine
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    styling is definetely a very impotant key....
    this car is a one of a kind and will be for years to come!
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    succes for sure
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    the f50, well ... IT'ROCKS, of course this ferrari would be a success, what would ever make anyone think it would be a failure!?

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    Ferrari F50: success or failure?

    Only mistake was making the engine a "solid" many vibrations.
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    Actually, a lot of enthusiasts liked that. Bolting engine directly to the carbon fiber tub that surrounds the cabin transfer the noise and vibration directly to the driver, and that is what gives Formula-1 drving experience.
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    How could it be a failure when when its like the altime most liked ferrari....SUCCESS
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    This car is rediculously cool, i mean sure other cars accelerate faster, have a higher top speed but i mean, road going F1 car, enough downforce to drive upside down (i guess u'd need some serious speed) but just think about how much grip that provides and how FCKING fast you could corner in this thing. Also have you ever been in a car that goes 0-100 in 8.2 secs? Unless you've done it before you'd be shitting yourself. Ive been the passenger in a 10 sec rotary and im telling you, its INSANE!nI can only imagine/dream how much fun this car would be to drive.
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    Success as an icon for Ferrari and is one awesome car. Failure in that it entered no racing programs.
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    Success.Huge success.
  12. As far as technical progression, styling and all-out performance, the F50 was a success, making its contemporary counterparts look like childish toys in comparison. However, it killed the company's opinion in the view of the public, as it wasn't a significant improvement over the ridiculously fast F40, Enzo Ferrari's final project, and due to the company's decision to keep it out of the hands of journalists and private racers by forcing a 2-year lease on all buyers. The major magazines have portrayed all Italian cars as slow, overweight, over-priced pieces of shit ever since, even though the F1 gearbox, for example, was one of the biggest advances cars have ever seen, and yet they seem to think the only F1-style box worth buying is behind a f*#ing Audi TT steering wheel. If only Ferrari would cater the magazine test drivers like BMW does, this car might be held in a higher regard, so I guess the company is to blame there, but then the product's legacy has to suffer as a result.
  13. failure
  14. F50 was a success.
  15. *is
  16. its a sucess its the car that everybody thinks of when ferrari is mentioned
  17. It has superb design and wheels! More elaborated than F40! (I still like the F40 better than F50 and Enzo)

    There is little difference of power between F50 and F40.
    F40 weights abot 1200kg, F50 over 1300 kg.

    Mabe they should've put a bigger engine (V12 6.0L) to get
    at least 550hp (if not 600hp).
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    Ok I have a quick question. Srry to bring is up, but I cant make my own Topic yet. I have this video of an F40 and F50 doing straits somewere in Europe. The vid starts out with a F40, then the F50 comes in. Ok, to my question. What kind of Exhaust does it have becasue it sounds really really good. Also, is it turbocharged or wat?

    Heres the link
  19. Complete success, perhaps even a better, more pure drivers car than the Enzo or F40. IMO, probably not, but theres people out there who have driven all three and choose the F50. I don't blame them and furthermore understand completely how they might be justified.

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