Ferrari F50 vs. Ford GT40

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by F50_Rulez, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Which car is going to win?
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    The F50....

    but you must take the price into consideration....

    you could buy

    1 F50

    or 4 GT40's, and still have enough left over to buy a house
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  4. Re:

    if i had enough money id takem both but F50 all the way
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    Hmm, If they werre both offered to me on a platter? F50. Then I'd sell it and buy a GT40 a GT-500 and a Peice of land in the mountains.
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    me to but instead of the GT-500 id take the annaversary firebird ram air Man those things are sweet my dad tried to race one in his 86 porsche and got his wheels blown off before they even started
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    Re: 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra vs. 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Well, considering that the GT40 is a v8, i would say the F50, BUT there is going to be a special model GT40 to go up against the higher classed cars, either a V10 version or a V12 version, compliments of ROUSH
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    Personally f-50 but im a little biased considering its my favorite car. Anybody know how much one of these is going to go for?
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    Right now $125 000 is the rumour, but no one really knows. Well Ford does... but you know what I mean.
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    I just have a magazine in front of me that says that ford gives an indication price of 150.000 dollars. Also, the car has been renamed to GT.
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    If they were sitting there and a guy said choose one, I would take the F50 No doubt. I would take it to the dealer, sell it then go and buy a GT40, Cobra R (If I can find 1 of the 300 to sell it), Dodge Viper GTS (96), and a Corvette Z06. Then I would buy me a nice house with a huge garage.
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    Me, i would go for the F50, love the car, it is my favorite, i probably would sell it, maybe not sure though, if i did sell it , i would by a Lambo and a 3000gt and a Supra!
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    I would take the f50, i think most people would.I'd definately take this over a viper or corvette, I can't wait to see it smoke them both. When are these going on sale?
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    If I had to choose I would take the Ford GT for sure.
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    Im calling a tie. I have seen the GT 40 at the NYIAS and I think it could stay with the F50, especially price wise-fix the gt40 to more racing ability with the price difference and it would beat a f50 hands down. All I have to say is that when I heard an f50 in person, i nearly pissed myself.
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    I'd take the Ferrari. This car may be cheaper but they're only making a few and to get one you basically need to know someone at Ford or pay a lot more than its worth.

    P.S Someone on another thread said the Cobra 427 should be brought back. If you ask AC they will make you an aluminium Cobra with a 7 litre engine, however prices start at £100 000
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    This is a kickass car, with heritage and also some real R&D and work behind it. It will be lethal among its peers most likely.

    The F50 is a few degrees below a last gen indy car. Its a track bred super car, desighned to get around a track fast and to a lesser degree look good doing it. It will probably walk this fairly securely on the track. It has few peers, and this is not really one of them.
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    Given the "I'll park these two cars in your driveway and you will choose" scenerio... Umm, well if you say "Stock", I would take the F50 (Just based on performance), but if the GT40 were one of those Roush Specials, aww yeah, no doubt in my mind that I would take the GT40.

    In real life , I would get the GT40 in either case, because I personally like having money, therefore money and a GT40 is just so much better than a F50 and no money at all.
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    What is it with Ford's cars always being compared to something that's always much more expensive and not really in the same leage? an f50 compared to a gt40. What the hell is that a rhetorical question, just so you can try and embarrass Ford. I think any idiot with half a brain would take an F50 but for the price I would pick the gt40 I'd put about another 15 grand or so and would be running some ****ing 8's with ease.
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