Ferrari F50 vs. Ford GT40

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by F50_Rulez, Sep 21, 2002.

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    Burger king Geo METro,lol I don't wanna hear your life story IDIOT!
    No wonder your the HEad of The IDIOTS you're the biggest IDIOT ever heh!

    Imports RULE!!!!!

    CHEVROLET - Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time

    DODGE - Drips Oil, Drips Gas Everywhere

    FORD - F*cker Only Runs Downhill/(backwards)Driver Returns On Foot

    PONTIAC - Pours Out Noxious Toxins In American Cities
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    Please do us all a favor and never reply here again, and who cares if a Ferrari could beat a Ford, Ferraris cost 50% more, it would actually be insulting for a $500,000 to lose to a $125,000 car on the tracks. Now on to this car, personally this car kicks ass in every way, I love the styling now and 50 years ago, the engine rocks, also the weight is fairly low. This gets 6 out of 6 shifts on the Punjab rank-o-meter, great job Ford!
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    This pos is still just a wannabe Euro-exotic, and I didn't compare F50 with this trash until some moron started the stupid thread.
    I'm just defending THe F50.
    I think if you ford lovers would read up on the F50 you wouldn't dare compare it to this pos!
    If you had any clue of what that car is capable of,espacially on a track at the limit.
    But anyways Why am I trying to eduacate some REdNecks about Ferrari,it's just sad that you don't know on your own,lol.

    I M P O R T S.R U L E!
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    Your ingnorance is unmesaurable. You make all r!cers of your kind look even dumber. Just look at your Honda Civic it has a 1.6 liter 115 horsepower 4 banger that shoots it from 0-60 in a mind boggling 10 seconds (I am being sarcastic). **** you. The Ford GT has a 500 horsepower 5.4 liter V8 and it does 0-60 in less than half the time of your shitty Civic. I am guessing that you are about 10 with the way that you talk. Now I have a suggestion for you. Quit being a flamer or else you will get banned from Ass hole.
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    Yes the Ferrari F50 is such a R!ce burner huh? wELL HERE'S A LIL' BIT OF NEWS FOR YOU DUMBASS,IT'S NOT EVEN JAPANESE!
    And did I say anything about a freakin' Honda Civic,did I,ok then!
    And for the record Japanese cars are way better than anything American,like the Skyline,Supra,NSx,300zxTT etc...
    Anyways who ever started this thread is a moron comparing this pos with an F50,lolwhat is that a joke?
    why do you people think that horsepower and torque are all that matter in a car?What about the handling,build quality,racing heritage
    a car's appearence(GT40 looks like sh!T)andsh!t like that?
    And the Gt500 still sucks arse and it's ugly as hell too!
    Go read up on the F50 then come back here and appoligize for your
    stupidity on even thinking about comparing the Gt40 with the F50!
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    Yes **** Hole I have been following all around the Ford forums and you talk about r1cers in there. Now whos the dumb ass. Go check in the 2003 Ford GT forum I responded your dumb ass comment. Now I will asay it agian If you don't stop flaming I will get you banned. Homo.
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    This is a P.O.S??? Listen man, I am a Ferrari fan and an exotic fan but you can't just bash a car because it's not as "good". How can you make fun of a car that's 10 times better then what you'll own, I don't get it!! And listen to FordBoss, he's right, you'll get banned if you keep this up!
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    And another thing AntiDomestic. The original Ford GT40 won Le Mans 4 years in a row and beat Ferrari in the process. That is an unargueable fact. When you said that you cannot compare this because it has no racing history that was the most half witted dumb ass remark ever!!!!!! I just told you what this car accomplished. Only one Japanese manufacturer has ever won Le Mans and that was Mazda which is owneed by Ford. Ford has more racing history than all of your Japanese companies combined. You need to learn your history and research before you make no brainer remarks like that. And I can have people vote to get you banned so you might as well stop.
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    Well guys, I don't konw about you but dosn't this seem a bit over kill, and F-50 vs and GT40? I honestly think that the comparisions should be kept within at least $100,000 of each other. Other wise hell yeah I would take the F-50 and sell it, then buy the GT40... I'm sure you heard the rest of the Cliche. Hell why don't we compare this against a McLaren F1? Or how about a 1989 civic against an F-50 wait how about my Truck racing against a Lingenfelter Corvete, now that'd be a race to remember! I can't stand all this omparision BS, becuse a lot of what makes up a car isn't performance or looks, it's what that certain car means to the individual. A lot of middle aged American men like the muscle car becuse they grew up with it, it's all personal. One guys says he loves the GT40, the next guy trys to tell the GT40 lover that the GT40 sucks and that it will loose in a race against the next guys favorite car. It just makes no sense to me.
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    For the most part, most people won't compare the two, because of price difference. The F50 is a hell of a machine, which most of us will never even see in person. Second of all, this car the GT40 represents Fords 100th anniversary and doing so in style. By bringing back this legend, its basically telling the world how Ford reaked Havoc on Ferarri back in the 60's at sporting a one two and three place finish, a first in history and a disgrace to Ferrari. To add to the ass-whoopin...they continued to dominate Lemans for three or four years straight...chasing Ferrari out of Lemans. Now if you cant respect this car, at least give credit where credit is due...When a company the size of Ford wants to dominate, they do so by a land slide. In ferraris defense, their cars are the most exotic of them all, something that cannot and will not be taken away from them. The prestige of these machines are unparallel. You can buy a ferrari for an X amount of dollars and a year later resell it for a least twice of what you paid for. Before even buying a ferrari, you have to fill out an application and get qualified. Just as an example, my co-workers best friend's father has a huge collection of exotics and vintage cars. He has the first Saleen S7 production car made and has at least a dozen ferraris. Now with all that being said, he applied to purchase an enzo ferrari and was denied. This is a man has purchased 12 cars directly from ferrari, and has a lot full of other exotics and races some of them..and still got denied.
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    It's ok, I understand that you have never driven a car, because, through careful consideration, I have decided that your post is one that has either come from:
    i) A person of lesser age;
    ii) or, one of lesser intellectual capacities.

    Either way, I pity your inexperience.
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    read the post and the name of the man who created this thread.
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    You want to talk Fucking Race Heritage?
    This Car is the reason Ferrari left Le Mans, after Ford failed to purchase your Company, so they made the GT40 and it won Le Mans 4 years in a row.
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    Sorry for posting 3 Times, but I kept reading, then replying to his half-wit comments.
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    What the hell are you talking about,I like Japanese cars!If I used the word"r!cer" it's only 'cause I was qouting somebody else.I love Japanese cars so why would I call people that?
    did I struck a nerve?lol
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    Well I didn't know it's a crime to be a fanatic,sheesh you know like rudding for the hometeam type deal.
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    I was talking about ford in General,doesn't have the racing heritage like Ferrari does,I know they have some but pales in comparison.
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    Ok will I guess I got out of hand coming in here,due to people in other forums saying shit like"why get this when you could get a mustang,viper,vette etc." and it just pisses me off when people
    post stupid comments like that.I mean honestly what intelligent person would take a ford over a Ferrari?
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    wow aren't you a #$%#ing profiler now?


    Ok I admit,I was out of line that time and I appolgize.
    I was also drunk and pist off too.
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    Yeah and there are 3 other people that replied to the same thing you replied 3 times in a row also,lol.
    I'm not a 'half-wit"half-wit!
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    I admit I was too, I was tired and didn't feel like being kind.

    I understand your logic, and I apologize for calling you 'half-wit'
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    It is good to see you have calmed down. Maybe we can be friends. I understand how you feel when you said people diss on your favorite cars because it happens to me all the time. Thats what you get when your a Ford fan and there are so many lies out there about Ford. Also yes Ferrari may have a good racing history but Fords is nearly as good or equal to theirs. Ford has won several thousands of championships all over the world in many different racing leagues so they also have a racing history to be proud of.
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    You seem to use gay a lot.
    I think we already know you're gay, so there's no need for you to keep giving us hints.
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    You're a disgrace to all exotic lovers.
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    Ferrari does make good cars. When you think of Ford, you probaly think of trucks or something. However, it wasn't truck rednecks that invented the powerful GT40, which is why it killed Ferrari. OOOPS! Sorry to tell you the truth.

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