Ferrari F70 caught testing.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SuperSonic, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. based on where that intake is and where the engine SHOULD be.....I'd say no?

    Maybe a special FF?
  2. apparently it's legit...what do i know
  3. I don't think it's a real car looks like just a picture
  4. Looks like a huayra. I hope it doesnt have those stupid flaps up front
  5. It actually looks a lot like the Huayra, but then both the F50 and the Enzo had that pointed nose with the extractors on either side of it too.
  6. that's almost my favorite part about the Huayra.
  8. yarly. active aero is awesome.
  9. oh active aero is cool allright, but jesus christ it looks awful.
  10. Well if you know who *points up* hates it then its probably pretty awesome
  11. Even woot is bored of his schtick
  12. hes starting to hate his opinions
    its like inception
    i dont know what to think anymore
  13. Opinion within an opinion
    Opinion about an opinion
    I'm not ready for this
    Which is really real
  14. Opinion inception?

  15. active aero is the current "in" thing amongst supercars. before it was the folding hardtop. and like, pop up headlights.

    I dont want it to mess with fixed spoilers too much.
  17. Well there's not much you can gauge from that pic but from what I do see, I'm not digging it.
  18. I love the look of fixed spoilers, but some of the things they can do with active aero are amazing. Since I was in highschool I always wondered why they did actively adjust aero individually based on the side a car is turning. Well now pagani is doing just that. When it corners the aero on the inside of the corner is set for higher downforce to counteract the tendency of the weight to shift to the outside wheels, keeping the car flat.
  19. Similar to Italy too. Width to glasshouse ratio looks a bit like McLaren P1. Looks clean, so might even look good from the start.
  20. Only taken 18 years for it to happen again
  21. I fully expect to see a rounded Enzo, with a few styling cues from the F12
  22. and i fully expect you to be wrong

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