Ferrari F70 caught testing.

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  1. this should be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!!
  2. i actually hope its comfortable and easy to park, can't wait to be jammed in miami traffic driving my furrari
  3. Blissful where you are, is it?
  4. I know it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    don't forget Enzo Ferrari was also against mid-engine "i buoi stanno davanti il carro, non dietro"
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  6. Actually 4x4 and awd cars are for people who can't build engines or know anything about car design or driving.

    Its a rumor also that this is nothing but a 458 mule similar to Eric Clapton's its just a test bed for a V12 engine. Nobody still yet knows what the car will actually look like. Its being designed totally in house by Ferrari. Even the back panels could be way off and just for show.
  7. so thats why Ferrari has a 4WD system that can attach to pretty much any of their cars right?
  8. not sure what traction or design have to do with engines, tbh
  9. Iron Stallion got owned in this thread though.

    O'Doyle rules!
  10. The 4WD system in the FF is a piece of shit
  11. Ferrari can't technology an AWD
  12. how do you know?
  13. because i have read about it
  14. Its a GT with a hatchback aimed a clients who drive in bad weather.

    You'll never see a California, 458, 599, or any of the sportscars like that in 4x4 or AWD. Once Ferrari starts that bullsh*t I'll quit being a fan.

    Rear wheel drive or nothing.
  15. Nah youll just make more excuses and still be a fanboy
  16. nothing
  17. No not excuses.

    You miss the entire point of Ferrari and their cars.

    The point is the formula. What is the formula for getting 920 HP to the rear wheels, through the transmission, using areodynamics and weight distribution over the entire car. Thats the fun part.

    Anyone can make a 1000 hp car with AWD. A bunch of apes can do that.

    Its why the Enzo will be worth millions in 10 years and the Aventador will be worth 100,000 in 10 years.
  18. why





  19. Nothing to do with the fact that they made less than 500 Enzos whilst at least ten times more Aventadors will be made (they sold close to 5000 Murcielagos, remember)
  20. I'm not talking about the FF, I'm talking about the 4WD system that Ferrari has been offering to put on other cars they've made and offer to any customer with a car newer than a 308.
  21. id love an ff if it really is usable everyday
  22. all cars are usable everyday.

    some guy in the neighbourhood i used to go to school to, used to drive his f40 pretty much every day.
  23. i dont like to draw attention to myself

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