Ferrari F70 caught testing.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SuperSonic, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Photoshop prediction, very nice...

  2. That looks nice, but has a little too much 458 look to it. The actual car will look more radical (I believe)
  3. It's actually more difficult to engineer an AWD system that can handle 1000 hp.
  4. Trust me, I'm an engineer.
  5. nope rob actually I read somewhere a bunch of apes are able to do that kind of work now , no need for engineers. (Ape Engineers Maybe)
  6. lih @ a bunch of apes building 1000hp AWD cars
  7. Most 4WD systems are just glorified traction controls anyways, so 4WD isn't more cheating than the TC Ferrari equips all their cars with.
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    but we're glad there are people who give it a go

    ridiculous 0-60
  9. The front looks like a McLaren.
  10. How many extra chromosomes were you born with? just a handful, or like a whole dozen? I mean I must say, for someone with your levels of retardation, the fact that you can even use a computer, let alone type somewhat competent sentences is hugely impressive.
  11. hold up atomic I got this.
  12. where did he go...
  13. i would sell my wife my mother for one
  14. wife mother
    gotta get one of those
  15. what is you wife going to do when she owns your mother ?
  16. If it's anything like the relationship between my mom and gf. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a set of torture tools on the table in a matter of seconds.
  17. we'll need pics to decide if thats a valid trade
  18. Best fist post ever.
  19. if you're pandabeat then gimme your sister and i will get you the car
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  21. lookin like a clearslider in that weird camo
  22. you have a point there
  23. looks stupid
  24. what sort of assburger would follow around a shitty looking test car like that
    some people
  25. Next SuperEnzo official launch @ Geneve 2013 (source: Quattroruote)

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