Ferrari F70 caught testing.

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    Ferrari Enzo Successor Not Coming to Detroit

    The Ferrari Enzo successor will not be revealed at the upcoming 2013 Detroit Auto Show, contrary to previous reports.

    News of the change comes via an unnamed source in an Autoblog report, though AutoGuide has been able to corroborate with an official representative.

    In an E-mail conversation with AutoGuide, Ferrari American PR director Karen Vonder Meulen was definitive. “As of now we have no plans to show anything in Detroit,” she said.

    News that the F70 would debut in Detroit was doubtful from the start as, historically, Ferrari has chosen the Geneva Motor Show for its major product reveals. Included in the list of past Ferrari world premieres in Geneva are the Ferrari FF, the F12 Berlinetta, and the 599 GTB, further reinforcing the fact the next Enzo successor will not be coming to Detroit.

    Vonder Meulen’s statement also reveals that nothing new from the Italian auto maker will be revealed at the Motor City auto show.
  2. Goddamt internet journalism, make up your mind!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  3. Yeah I lol'd when it said it would debut at Detroit. They don't even have high line marques in the normal show anymore. No Ferrari, Aston, Lamborghini, rolls, etc. To see those you have to attend a black tie event at a different building days before the public show. The best things you'll ever see anymore at NAIAS are the american flagships and 911s. Pretty #$%#ing shitty.
  4. doesn't look like a real car

    not sure how ferrari plans to sell these
  5. Oh they will trust me
  6. The front may not be far off imo
  7. Easy, Arabs have lots of money and no taste.
  8. I certainly hope not.
  9. According to my sources that picture posted by supersonic is not the production version, not even close, ill keep you guys updated with more news as they come along!
  10. did you design that?
  11. I can already picture it burning to the ground.

    And yes, it has a Peugeot 207 nose.
  12. looks like video game car

    crusin usa
  13. compared with Americans who have no money as well.
  14. No. Its Autoblogs idea
  16. Enough with these renderings already.
  17. According to my sources this car will be faaaaast
  18. sorry bro
  19. That first pic is many years old, there was a ton of renderings by students for some sort of design study or something. I wonder what happened, there were some other good ones.

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