Ferrari fears Porsche

Discussion in '2001 Hamann 360 Modena' started by CarreraGtRacer, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. All Ferrari's (except for the FX) fear Porsches. This car is not as good as the 650GTR.<!-- Signature -->
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    No tuner Ferrari ca take a tuner Porsche except maybe the Koenig Armaggedon F50, Which is the most powerful Ferrari I've seen and the most powerful 911 I've seen to date is the Gemballa GTR750 EVO. Porsche will always be dominant over Ferrari except as you said for the Enzo which will not be nearly as streetable as say the GT2, or even the Carrera GT. I like Ferraris alot but you can't deny the precision german engineering that is Porsche!
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    u guys are both dumbasses
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    You #$%#ing morons! Why the #$%# would ferrari fear porsche? Ferraris are faster! Maybe not in initial acceleration, where many porsches have the advantage of AWD, but in lap times, which is what really counts. The F40 was faster than the 959. The 360 pulls faster laps than a 911 turbo. And the F40 LM, from 1987 is faster than any car porsche has ever made, including the Carrera GT. Who gives a #$%# about precision german engineering, Ferraris are works of art. And shame on you dumbshits for comparing this car (stock except for an exhaust and minor bodywork) to a mega-tuned porsche with over 600 hp. You pussies should keep your stupid bullshit in the porsche forums.
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    Man shut up your seriously gay. Its a damn comparison and its not something to get all pissed off about. Keep your cool. You seen the movie where the 911 Turbo beats the 360 Modena to the quarter mile? I shouldn't of used to word "fears" and should've used are competitors. Sorry for the mistake. Both Ferrari's and Porsches are nice.
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    oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh you give a f$$$ing s%%% about F$$$ING 1/4 MILE PORCHES SUCK FERRARIS DOMINTE THE WORD YOU STUPID MOTHER F%%%ING F&&& UPS
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    You another gay member on this website? keep your cool idiot.
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    I LOVE how people get so toey about cars.

    The Porsches (GT3's i believe, GT2's arent allowed - too quick? not sure) in the privateers cup in Australia usually dominate the Ferrari's. So yeah, so much for Ferarri's owning Porsches on the track...

    I think both cars a wicked personally, ill never be rich enough to own one but it just comes down to personal preference.

    Should have stayed with the ex-ms's her old man has a new (2003/4?) Carerra. =P
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    what a nice car!!!
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    what a nice car!!!

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