1. The front lights and the air scoop on the bonnet, look like the Ferrari 360 Modena, in fact the whole thing bears some resemblance to the 360. Mind you it's not too bad otherwise.
  2. Re: Ferrari Immitator

    It looks not very much at all lke a 360 Modena. the front air scoops are n the same PLACE, but then agan, so is the windshield. come on, get a clue will you? In order to make a car aerodynamcally efficient, you have to make a very specfic overall shape. To detail that shape, the natural curvature of the car body will force your design to conform to it, thus making it appear like other supercars designed wth the same shape. The headlights, air scoops, wndows, rear backlight, taillights, mirrors, and overall length and wheels all differ from the modena, and there is no way in hell to mix up the 2!<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: Ferrari Immitator

    This car is gay, fast or not it is still al damn impart that looks like a space shuttle or some sh!t like that.<!-- Signature -->

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