Ferrari Limo F360 ...

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  1. why would anyone do that?
  2. Because 360 aren't that expensive anymore ?
  3. Somehow... this kind of stuff always makes me sad. I can understand if somebody makes a scratch-built fiberglass etc. body on seperate chassis that mimics the 360 but to hack an original to pieces like this is just stupid in my view.
  4. because sheer build numbers, 360's will never be collectors.
  5. 1. Buy F360
    2. Make stretch F360
    3. ????
    4. Profit!!
  6. at the rate they go down at I wouldn't be surprised if they do become collectors peices. also all Ferraris are collectors peices.
  7. ugh
  8. I saw that in an EVO magazine a while ago.
  9. "all Ferraris are collectors peices."

    what a load of crap
  10. mondial is badass... ok?
  11. a 412 could have (kinda) looked good as lime
  12. I don't like 360's much, but it too saddens me to see a real one cut up. I always thoguht this was a custom built replica.
  13. 400, 308 GT4, mondial ...
  14. Stop being a bunch of #%$gots, it's just a car.
  15. WHAT HAPPENED THIS IS NOT COOL!!! That Ferrari 360 Modena is pure disaster.
  16. koz they got bored?????
  17. Who cares if it's a 360? They're everywhere. The real issue is with the shoddy craftsmanship, that's obvious even in the tiny pics.
  18. 360s are the Honda civics of supercars. Who gives a shit?
  19. Really, people need to stop calling it F360. There's no F in there. You just sound like someone who doesn't know anything.
  21. Ferrari Limo 360 ...

    who #$%#ing care there is F in there or not .
  22. The 360 doesn't.
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