Ferrari P4/5 Competizione thread

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  1. i think thats gorgeous
  2. is that guy THE guy?
  3. yes. he's posted here many times but keeps forgetting his old accounts/passwords.
  4. and the P4/5 is much better looking IMO

    are you sure it makes DOUBLE the downforce? i find it hard to believe ferrari would leave that much room for improvement on their flagship car.
  5. I doubt it too. I thought there was a limit in regards to downforce on a road car caused by the necessity to have ultra stiff suspension on cars with high levels of downforce, which means terrible driving comfort on anything but the smoothest of roads.
  6. How much are regular used f430s from 2007-08 going for now?
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    I don't have any offical numbers and my source might be questinable. To be honest I, too, find it hard to believe that the P4/5 would generate more than 1500kg of downforce at 220 mph.

    Quote from

    While offering a drag coefficient just under that of the Enzo (0.336 versus 0.340), the downforce available to the P4/5 is roughly double. In fact, to prevent the large downforces from compressing the suspension out of existence, narrow aluminum flaps (not quite Gurney flaps) are incorporated in front of the front wheel wells to counteract that force with some lift. Though an official top-speed or acceleration test is not planned, all computer projections indicate that the P4/5 can reach 233 miles per hour and probably get from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat.
  8. while aero-based cars do need super stiff springs, I dont think any street car really falls too far into that category. the downforce to weight ratios just arent that high.
  9. Confused. I thought there was one of these driving around California like 3 years ago.
  10. P 4/5 Creates massive downforce. We had to crank some out for the street but it Race Form we won't. At speed the body pressed into the Tires.
  11. What is the springrate?
  12. springrate means nothing if you dont know a host of other variables.

    better question: What is the ride rate?
  13. Well that was a pretty stupid post considering this thread's subject matter and what the creator of this car has said not 3 posts down.
  14. How much does the car weigh compared to the original P4/5?
  15. I like that it's putting monster downforce down yet still looks great.

  16. I'd like to hear from 'the man' and not some random person.
  18. Weight will depend on ballast required by Race Officials after testing to equalise performance with other cars in class.

    P 4/5 C About 2425 LBS.

    P 4/5 2650 lbs.
  19. What I find amazing on the original P 4/5 car is the effect of the exhaust on the aerodynamics working on the downforce.

    Just checked some video of the original P 4/5, great to see you actually putting miles on cars like the P 4/5, I applaud you for it.
  20. Just wondering, Im driving to Denmark later this year, and its a tradition of members on this site to lend each other their cars, you wouldn't mind if i borrowed the P4/5C for a few days would you? You are free to drive my car while im using it.
  21. No Problem
  22. Ok excellent, ill drop off the keys to my Renault megane at your preference.
  23. How's Veronica?
  24. creepy stalker ^^^

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