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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lucky strike, May 10, 2010.

  1. if you really want the Michelins I have a couple sets in stock.

    300 bucks to bleed the brakes is a total rip. its not that hard to bleed the brakes. hell you don't even really need to take the wheels off the car to do so.

    1400 is a little much for bridgestones. IIRC when I bought the tyres I have in stock now (Michelin Pilot Sport) a set of rears cost me 900 bucks. and theres no #$%#ing way it should cost 500 bucks to mount and balance tyres.

    EDIT: when it comes to the dealerships they always have the higher rates. I understand why as I just recently dropped 15k on a new scanner. if you want the name of a good non dealer shop let me know and I'll ask around the PCA of anyone good in your area.
  2. if you want my 2 cents in tires, the dunlop star specs are fUcking awesome.
  3. I don't have any info on those.

    if you could elaborate sir.
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    Im torn. My front michelin are not used..but sine my back are, i will need to replace 4 tires (switching brands.)

    The Hankook are apparently pretty good.

    And note expensive @ $770 for all 4. My only concern is that htey are not rated by Porsche.

    The bridgestones are less performance rated and the dealer was offering them at $1400 for 2 rear..saying Porsche would pay for the front. BS...

    Do you have all 4 Michelins?
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    as of right this second I have 1 set of rears and 1 set of fronts (if yours are the same size as a turbos).

    I haven't heard anything bad about the Hankooks. they're just a bit harder than the michelins.
  6. What do you think about a Fabspeed Catbypass ?
  7. I've never used them. I'm also not sure they're legal.
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  9. Sucks to hear that amenasce, you can't always trust family. Next time it's lock and key monitored garage, it should save you some coin. Fack I'd beat the kid hard, dont care how #$%#ing old he is, wait till hes asleep and beat him with a bar of soap full metal jacket style.
  10. I'd randomly "visit my sister" throughout the year to give phantom uppercuts and gut punches.
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    As we reported earlier, the racing version of Jim Glickenhaus's wicked Ferrari P4/5 is currently under construction and set to compete in next year's 24-hours of the Nürburgring. Glickenhaus recently emailed us this rendering and a few key details.

    If you've been following our exclusive coverage, you're probably aware that Glickenhaus's car, dubbed the Competizione, will incorporate the suspension and V-8 drivetrain of an F430 GT2 ALMS racing car under bodywork like that of his one-off, Pininfarina-built Ferrari Enzo. Because he plans to make it street-legal following the Nürburgring race, it's being built on the modified structure of an F430 Scuderia.

    We don't know much about the current state of the project other than the fact that it appears to be progressing as planned, and that hanging an F430 from the ceiling is the best way to place it on a calibrated surface plate for measurement. If gossip is to be believed, the FIA has classed the P4/5 in the same experimental competition grouping as Porsche's upcoming 918 Spyder (?!) and current 911 Hybrid. Cue applause.
  12. So cool. I wish more teams would do NART shit and make their own re-bodied and reworked racing versions of stuff.

    I know, I know, cost blah blah blah.
  13. who left the door to the indies open?
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    The story of James Glickenhaus' P4/5 Competizione continues with Chapter 1 of the story put together by Kinetic Fin. The car has long been in gestation, and although we have no idea how many chapters will be involved in this tale, it looks like we'll be seeing the completed racer soon.

    So while you won't get a glimpse of the finished product in the video, Glickenhaus will explain his motivation and he'll do it among some of the other eye-pleasing cars in his collection. Follow the jump for the prologue, and let the road to the 2011 Nürburgring 24 begin.
  17. Thank you for the photo. The blue 430 is beautiful.
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  19. nice RC car.
  20. Thats just only rendering and model.
  21. fake
  22. Chevy Montana.
  23. Yeah a Scuderia is a horrible car...

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