Ferrari screws out US customers on F430s

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by FerrariAKL, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. That's what you would say to the dealer for 3 years, until they delivered your car. You would sit on it and say "thanks for raping me"
  2. haha, this made me laugh
  3. yes
  4. Get a DB9, Gallardo, 997 Turbo instead.
  5. and why are these car better than the F430?

  6. they're not
  7. They also increased production because they could sell them and make a #$%#load of money.
  8. options....also they don't shift their potential customers to China.
  9. The Gallardo is/has been posting better performence times than the F430
    The DB9 is more comfortable than any of the cars
    The 997T gives you the same amount of fun for heck of a less money..

    Better in many ways.
  10. ALK, link to the thread at Fchat?
  11. I've seen like five F430s in the South Bay now.
  12. Have you been to the ferrari dealership in redwood city?
  13. Ferrari knows they own their american customers and wants to establish more of a reputation in countries they arent as famous in.
  14. I think some of you are overestimating the demand for Ferraris. Their price keeps them out of the range of most... and the fact that they take so long to get your car to you means that by the time you take delivery, your "performance" car will be outclassed by other cars that have hit the market which CAN be delivered to you in reasonable time. If Ferraris were in demand as much as a couple of you say, don't you think they could simply charge 400k or 1 million dollars for the F430? Obviously the answer is no. I would expect delivery in a reasonable amount of time for a car that costs what the 430 does.
  15. damn straight
  16. because they look less ugly.
  17. gallardo, better performace times, when?
  18. I would of ordered Gallardo over the ugly F430 anyday
  19. the gallardo looks like is has been designed with nothing but a ruler
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  21. Just buy a 997 Turbo
  22. at least the 997 Turbo is. just to avoid any flame wars, i mentione the porsche only.
  23. There are so many alternatives...

    ...Aston Martin
  24. Aston for me thanks ..I wouldn't lose sleep over it either
  25. No, but I should go there though.

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