FERRARI SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1968 Ford GT40 Mark I ‘Gulf Oil’' started by Gamer55, Dec 18, 2002.

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    o yea and still is!
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    0-100 in 8 seconds is pretty insane
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    Always has killed the ferrari's, and always will<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Not now it wont. the tables have turned on this one.
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    2 insane if you ask me. Shit, this car is perfect, in every way!
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    Better slayer

    Its the best car ever made and still is

    Its an old car but it beats the murcielago!
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    explain exactly how son.... This car was the Ferrari slayer and could probably beat out the new Ferraris too (minus the Enzo). Now, imagine what the NEW GT could do, using modern technology.
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    Hey master cobra, the Enzo is a Ferrari. You can't exclude it because it's faster than your favorite car.
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    When did i say it WASNT a Ferrari? Read more carefully, i said "minus the Enzo", as in NOT INCLUDING the Enzo. I believe i said it could beat any Ferrari "minus the enzo", make sense now?
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    The GT40 could still beat a lot of todays "Supercars" and beat them well. But as for Ferrari's, would it beat a F40, F50, 550 Maranello or 575? Maybe, maybe not.

    Oh and just to point out the obvious MasterCobra, you state in your spiel at the bottom of your messages that Europeans use Carbon Fiber while American's use good old metal. Carbon fibre is MUCH stronger and will protect more in a crash than metal will. If it didn't do you think that Formula 1 and IRL and Champ Cars would use Carbon Fibre to build their cars?

    And if Carbon Fiber rather than "GOOD OL' AMERICAN METAL!" was used, since it is such a stronger and lighter material, then I dare say a lot of American cars would be faster and better than people like you think they already are.
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    the gt40 was the ferrari killer but it isnt anymore so ford will have to pull a huge rabbit out of there ass to catch up and they are starting to do that in 2005. i personal like the new gt. not because its a new super car but because its a clasic comming back to life.

    of and for all the ferrari lovers there a car from 38 that will beat any ferrari. check it out.

    PS: carbon fiber is better then steal. takes away weight and has so flex so it absorbes impact.
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    The sad truth is that Ford's "official" reason for the GT was to take sales away from the Ferrari 360, not to beat it on a track (though it is very capable of doing so). I hope Ford will return to Le Mans with the GT, but not take those race-version GTs out of the limited 4500 production GTs to be made.
  13. Ummm not sure about this one but I think the power to weight ratio of this car is soooo much better than the modern Ford GT that it would offset this car's handling disadvantage and make it FASTER than the new one. As for a modern ferrari, this would have no chance against anything except maybe a base model F430 convertible. The F430 Scuderia or 599 GTB would smoke it.
  14. Too bad Ford doesn't use "modern technology." The engine of the new GT road car is the same tired 5.4 L V8 that ford has been using in the F-150 for years! Look at Ferrari's SMG transmission (fastest and smoothest in the world), and the new "E-diff" system on the Enzo, F430, and 599. Ferrari is just on a whole different level and Ford will never catch up.

    Too bad, cause this was a hell of car!

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